Thursday, October 28, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon and Max Plyo

Imagine this... Tuesday night, sitting around the supper table with my little family of five and my sweet middle child asks, "Mom, can you watch How to Train Your Dragon with me tonight?" How could I say no???? I couldn't... and I didn't! I intended on watching the movie early and then putting the children to bed and going to workout but it seems that my body would not be game for that. I laid down at 6:10 p.m. with the children, turned on the movie and was asleep before 6:30 and only woke up at 5 a.m... how is that for a nap!!

Anyway, we shall call Tuesday my day of rest and on Wednesday I put on Max Plyo and it was a great routine. Well, all except the side push ups - those are brutal and my arms are clearly too weak for them... but darn it, I tried! I know that as hard as these routines seem the first time round that I can and will conquer them! I am sore this morning again... just like in the first week. I feels GREAT!

As for the HRM issue I worked that out too! How you ask? Well it was actually quite simple... I took my hubby's chest strap :P It worked like a charm! I do have another complaint though... I did not finish the routine... the last 11 minutes of it froze on my DVD. I am thinking that I am going to ask my Mom for her Max copies and that way I am assured that I can get the entire DVD.

Speaking of my Mom... she turned 53 in March and she is kicking INSANITY's ass!!! That is right, she is doing the program too and just finished her second week and her fit test numbers are through the roof! She had some small love handles that had developed over the summer and they have since disappeared... she is truly amazing. My Aunt Judy is also doing the program and trying to go it alone... even though we are here to support her we are still 18 hours away and I know that it must be harder for her, but she too will do it! I have strong, beautiful women as my role models... what pillars of strength.

So here are the facts from my first attempt at Plyo:

Calories: 686
Average: 135
Maximum: 163

Make it a great day!

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Laura said...

Max Plyo was the hardest to me that month... All the darn push ups! I'll tell ya one thing though, it definitely got my arms into killer shape!

Glad your HRM worked. I never went out to get a new one... it started raining and I did not feel like dragging the 2 little ones out in that. I also tried changing the battery... I bought the wrong one! My hubby found them today, so we'll give it a shot tonight before I buy a new one tomorrow (if needed).

That is awesome that your mom and aunt is doing it and kicking some serious butt!!! That's how I want to be when I'm older... still kicking butt!