Friday, October 22, 2010

I am smiling because I LOVE it!

I feel so much better after a great workout... so why can't I wake up at 5am to do my workout? Anyway, I have to decide that it is ok not to do it in the morning as long as I do it at some point in the day. So, last night, I am pleased to report that I was able to get to my workout even though we had a meeting, even though the children had homework, even though the Finale of So You Think You Can Dance Canada was on and I wanted to know if our girl from the Maritimes won... I still chose to Push PLAY and I feel great for it.

Here are the facts:

Duration: 44:59
Calories: 365
Fat Burn: 17:12
Fitness: 27:38
Average: 134
Maximum: 171

That is not what I expected for a recovery week... I thought that we would be meditating or something... I certainly did not expect that my pec muscles would be so sore this morning. I am not sure if it was just Insanity that has made me that sore or if it was a combination of Insanity + Karate but OUCHIE!

Make it a great day folks!!

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Laura said...

I love So You Think You Can Dance! It's only on in the summer down here. It's actually the only show my hubby and I watch together.

Glad you got your workout in! I actually did CC&B this morning... Forgot how much those hip burners and shoulder exercises HURT!