Monday, December 20, 2010

Wanted: MOJO

Well folks, it seems that I have lost my mojo. I have just managed to get my Christmas tree up and decorated YESTERDAy! I have not wrapped any gifts (unless I count the box of chocolates that I bought from Costco already wrapped)! I have not pushed play since December 7th... that is two weeks tomorrow!!!! I am feeling sluggish, grinchy and in need of some serious MOJO juice. I am making a plan to restart the round two that I planned to start some time ago officially on the 27th of December. I HATE this feeling of being drained ... both physically and emotionally. Bring back my MOJO!!!

Make it a great day!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Speaking of Confessions

I have fallen off the X wagon, with intentions if that makes it any better :S

I have come to the conclusion that I am going to keep Bringing it when I can BUT I am not going to kick myself in the ass too hard when I don't get the workout in because of all the other commitments that have presented themselves due to the holiday season. That being said, I will just squeeze in a workout (not necessarily just the X) when I am have the opportunity BUT I am making a plan to start after Christmas... without fail and I am going to be more accountable with my diet as well. I have switched coaches this past week and he is sending me a free sample of Shakeology... I finally get to taste it and if I like it I will be using it as my lunch for the 90 days of the program (and perhaps beyond that). I am also planning on sharing my diet with my readers; so, my entries will include the exercise completed, calories burned and meals for the day. So that is my plan of action, but for now all I have to say is Feliz Navidad :D

Make it a great day!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

An Interruption until I make the time to update....

Still Bringing it just not blogging it... will update soon!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sorry for the delay

I have been meaning to update and haven't in a while... sorry, for those of you following my progress. Last week I took Friday night off to get my Christmas cards addressed and sent... priorities you know! Then Saturday came around and we had visitors so no workout was completed that day... so I doubled up on Legs and Back and Kenpo! I started with Kenpo because I figured it would be a great warm up for the Legs and Back routine. It would provide me with a nice stretch and get my heart rate up ... and that it did!! Here are the stats:

Calories: 573
Avg HR: 140
Max HR: 172

Yeah, that worked! So following that I skipped the warm up and went right into the Legs and Back routine... oh how I love to hate that DVD! My poor knees were cricking and cracking... my muscles were burning and shaking and I couldn't help but smile when I finished it! Here are the stats:

Calories: 489
Avg HR: 132
Max HR: 160

Then on Monday it was town council and as a town councilor I went but it finished late so I accepted Monday as my day of rest. Tonight will be Chest and Back, wish me luck!

Make it a great day!

Friday, December 3, 2010

YogaX = Killer Yoga

OK, so Laura was right... I was surprised by my improvement in the Yoga area BUT I still didn't like it. I think that I don't like it because I am not that great at it. I hate not being good at stuff :(

So, there is not much to report other than the fact that my HRM died... I mean really died! It is still reading that I should check the HR transmitter. So, I am going to buy new batteries tonight and hope that it will fix the problem. So, in addition to doing a workout that I am not fond of I also had no stats following it! Talk about discouraging...

Tonight is either Legs and Back or Kenpo... both of which I like so it should be a good night. Sorry about the negative post but if you could have only seen my version of the poses you would understand why ;)

Make it a great day!
EVEN A MONKEY CAN DO IT... but I have trouble :P

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shoulder (ouch), Biceps (ouch again) and Triceps (Freaking OUch)

Why, oh why did I think that this round was going to be easier? I assumed that because I have been through this once already and because I have looked Shaun T. in the eye and survived that the second round would have been a breeze... WRONG!

You know what I realize? I realize the secret behind this great product... it will never get easy because I just keep getting stronger and asking more of my body. I also realize that if I keep this up that the end of this round should show enough improvement that I will be sharing Day 1 of Beachbody (Jan 2010) and day 90 of round two of P90x... it should be something worth sharing.

In the meantime I am back to being REALLY sore. I mean having to crawl up and down steps rather than taking them two by two. I am back to supporting myself with walls and chairs while trying to sit down. I am back to moaning as I attempt to get comfy in bed... my muscles are sore! But I know that this is the sore that will make changes in my body so I am sucking it up!

Anyway, here are the stats from last nights workout:

Calories: 416
Avg HR: 121
Max HR: 157

I leave you with a pic from today... after a cut and color ;) Make it a great day!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just for FUN

Comparable pictures...

1st pic was taken last year... the second one today, Beachbody has been good to me!!

Just doing my BEST... and forgetting about the rest ;)

And my best is pretty freaking impressive! lol

So, last night I was so tired... exhausted really but I pushed play and the magic happened... after I got over the stiff, sore feeling in my body. MAN and I sore!!

So, back to Plyo... it was harder than I thought it would be. I mean I thought that Shaun T. would have prepared me better than he did. I pushed through the workouts and am pleased to say that I made it to the end and managed to push through the "bonus" workouts too... but I am much too uncoordinated to do the pitch and catch workout. It is quite a sight really!!

Anyway, here are the stats:

Calories: 654
AVG HR: 139
Max HR: 171

Make it a great day!