Saturday, October 16, 2010

What do you do on a Saturday night?

I do Insanity :P

After spending the afternoon baking with my lil daughter (while my son slept) I crept downstairs and got to work, after all it was Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs! I am happy that it is over for a bit but I hope that I did enough to prepare me for month 2. I kinda wish I wasn't so keen about the program and that I hadn't read as much as I have about it... maybe then I wouldn't be so worried! Anywho, I thought that I would add a few photos to make the post a little more interesting :P I just snapped them with my phone so sorry about the quality!
Here I am, all warmed up:

And here I am, almost done... just before Cardio Abs:

And following the routine I am now off to hang with a few of my favorite people and here is a pic with one of them:)

And I nearly forgot the facts:

Duration: 1:35:50
Calories: 588
Fat Burn: 1:07:59
Fitness: 27:42
Average: 117
Maximum: 166

So far this week: 2725 calories ... I will get over the 3000 mark but not quite to the 3500 calorie/1 pound goal :S Not that it would equate to a pound on this program :S 1 pound is hard to shed on Insanity :S
Make it a great day!


Betty Ray said...

You are living the life girlfriend! :) Enjoy your recovery week.

Laura said...

Just catching up on your blog! Love the sweaty pictures!! LOL. You go girl!