Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I can FREAKIN do this...

I am feeling so inspired lately ... I know that I can do this! My heart rate is recovering much quicker now and my calorie burn is less BUT I am getting through the routines with greater ease. Don't get me wrong, I am still a sweating mess, panting and pushing my self further and harder BUT I feel much stronger and able. What a great feeling. I have four more routines left this week and then I am onto my first recovery week. Now, when I think about what lies ahead of me I get a little scared because I have read a lot about month 2 and what it demands of the body; however, I am also excited about the thought of burning nearly 1000 calories per workout! In the meantime, should I cut back on my calories because I am burning less calories per workout? Should I start walking or jogging on my lunch to make up for the lack of calorie burn? Or should I just carry on in the same manner? Oh, what to do????

Anyway, here are the stats from my very last Power and Resistance routine of round 1 of INSANITY:

Duration: 50:37
Calories: 388
Fat Burn: 21:27
Fitness: 28:56
Average: 130
Maximum: 165

Make it a great day!

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Betty Ray said...

You're doing great! And you are so motivated which is awesome becuase I could use a kick in the pants this week. :)
Enjoy your recovery week. I really like that DVD and didn't mind doing it 6x in the same week.