Friday, April 29, 2011

A royal upset + a royal wedding + work= no workout

OK, so we had plans to do P90x on Wednesday but got watching game 7 between the Canadians and the Bruins (enter a royal upset) and since it went into overtime and we lost the game we also lost the ambition to work out. It also meant that I stayed up past my bedtime to catch the game and as a result I did not get up at 4:45 to workout on Thursday. Thursdays, for the record, are insane in my life. I arrive home at 5pm with all my little crazies and make supper or get supper going and then I have to leave by 5:45 to go to work. I have rearranged my work schedule so that I may go pick up my oldest crazy after school. Anyway... Thursdays I work until 9pm and then I got home and watched Grey's Anatomy and once again I got sucked into the vortex of the tele and never came out until after 10pm... way past my bedtime BUT I still got up at 4am to watch the Royal wedding. I had to pay homage to my heritage (my grandmother is English) and I love weddings. I am not really upset that somehow my invitation got lost in the mail because I do not think that I had the right hat for the event! All that to say that no P90x workouts done this week... NONE! I mean the week is not over... we still have three days left and on the positive note I have not missed a C25K workout :P We will get some in this week and I will update on Monday but next week we will redo week 3 since it was a ROYAL failure.

Make it a great weekend folks!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Week 2, Day 2 complete

I set the speed a little higher and managed to squeeze an extra .25 mile in :) I am hoping to become a runner now that my joints are not bothering me as much. I actually don't feel the crunching and grinding in my joints like I used to... yeah for Remicade. I do have to admit that I did not do my Chest and Back routine last night though, I was busy watching Biggest Loser (ya, I know I shouldn't but I couldn't help myself!). I am doing it tonight and tomorrow we are doubling up on the routines to get back on track for the week. I have to say again that I am loving the Couch to 5K program... I just hope that I can keep up after this week... starting in week three it looks tougher :P

Week 2, Day 2:

363 calories... gone forever ;)

Make it a great day!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Entering week 3... with strength and determination

Good morning everyone! Long time no blog, I know BUT I have an excuse... we were vacationing. I love spending those special weekends with my family in a hotel, with a pool, in a city with lots of shopping... awwww, that is the life! I think that the children are still wrinkled from all the hours we spent in the pool but they were happy and so was I.

I managed to get through the week two of P90x and week 1 of C25K. It was tough and my diet was shit (thanks to the trip and my lack of self control) but we pushed play and did our best. I am sure that it will take me two weeks to lose the grizzle that I must have put on over the weekend but I will keep doing it.

I am going to start by reviewing my week with C25K. I started off well and felt really strong just running 60 seconds at a time. I have to admit that I was really worried when I pressed start on Mr. Wonderful's Iphone for week two because I wondered if I was going to be able to do it. I lowered the pace to 5.5 to make sure that it would be ok and it was - no problem. I am going to up the pace for the next segment (which should be today). I am really loving this because I really, REALLY want to learn to run. I went to the Running Room and bought a new pair of runners. The lady was really helpful and set Mr. WOnderful and I up with some great runners that are good for our gait.


W1, D1: 312 calories
W1, D2: 364 calories
W1, D3: 370 calories
W2, D1: 434 calories (I did a little spinning after the running)

Overall a great week for this program.

On to P90x... not such a great week because of the travel and such but I still managed it and I will bring it harder this week. I should say that I happened upon a blog that spoke of weight lifting among women (can't give credit because I am not sure where I read this) and the author claimed that we *women* should be lifting 8-10 reps at max weight... so I changed my strategy this week to do that. I am going to lift heavier with fewer reps to see how my body likes it. I also took Monday this week as my day of rest because we were travelling and couldn't fit it in. So tonight we are back on to Chest and Back. My HRM has been acting up so my calorie burn this week is not all recorded... but I did my best and will record all calories this week.

So, that is it folks... hope you all had a great weekend. Make it a great day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I completed the X in P90x before 6am!!

Dang, aren't I good! Actually I feel less than good right now... I feel whipped. I find that the Plyo workout first thing in the morning is the only one that I truly struggle with... but the 652 calories that I burned before breakfast always FEELs great!! I had to fast forward the bonus round becausewe were running out of time and I still burned 652 calories of GOO and GRIZZLE!! I feel awesome (as long as I am sitting down and not moving :P).

I had my second treatment of Remicade yesterday and sat like this for 3 hours. It is a comfortable setting and I was much more relaxed this time. I am pleased to announce that I did not crash when I got home, as a matter of fact I made a great, healthy supper and supper for tonight. I cleaned and read to my littles and then I considered doing Plyo... but I changed my mind and did C25K, Week 1, day 2 and burned 312 calories. I tried to keep my run at a 6.0MPH and the walk at 3.9MPH so that I build my stamina to be able to do that 10 minute mile. I am on my way and will get there with this program.

So, I had an awesome day and my diet was right on key. I should say that I did GAIN last week... the doctor's scale doesn't lie but I do NOT CARE! I can finally say that my blood pressure is now back to 128/83!!!!!!! It was really high about a year and a half ago... so high that I was put on meds. I threw the meds in the garbage and started working out... and now look at me.

I ROCK!!!!!

Make it a great day folks!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chest without the back...

OK, so we cheated a little. Mr Wonderful's back was still dreadfully sore and the hockey game was about to begin so we decided to do the chest exercises with the use of our Body Solid 7 Series Smith Machine and we had SUCESS! What a great workout, totally different from just push-ups but equally as demanding (or dare I say maybe even more so!). It was nice to know that my Mr. Wonderful was hovering over me in case I could not muster the strength to lift the last few reps... it was a different sort of experience, for sure. Was it effective? My pectoral muscles were worked so well that I am a little wobbly while typing today. It did the job and the back got a break.

I woke up this morning to a little guy who was sick, so Plyo had to wait. We will do it tonight as long as my treatment doesn't kick my ass again today. I am going to have my second treatment of Remicade and I hope that I tolerate it a little better tonight and don't require another 12 hours of sleep. In any case, the plan is to push play tonight or, if I am not well, call it a day of rest and push play for the rest of the week.

On the diet front, I am doing ok... making good choices and trying my hardest to stay away from sugars. I should say, for the record, that I detest Easter chocolate and all of it's sweetness. It is hard enough to stay away from that garbage when people aren't bringing it by the basket to my home. I HATE all this temptation so early on in the program... if it were in month two or three I wouldn't mind... but in the first month it is just brutal!!

Ok, that is all the whining that I will do for today... I will update with the details on the Plyo, Shoulders and Arms and C25K... whew... that is a lot of updating!

Make it a great day folks and keep moving!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend successes

I had a great weekend! I worked out twice with my friend, super woman and used the treadmill twice. I stated the Couch to 5K program this morning because that is one of my goals for the year... to run a 5K. I am going to do my Chest and Back workout this evening (even though it means having to PVR the hockey game) because P90x is still my main program. The C25K is only 3 days a week so I am sure that I can manage to squeeze it in there too. I have decided that the weight-lifting days of the program I will do at night and do C25K in the morning and then I will do the cardio of the X program in the mornings... did ya get that :P

So, week one went well. I enjoyed the morning workouts and can't wait to get up in the morning now. I have had to modify my sleep patterns and go to bed really early now but I don't mind because I don't watch tv anyway. I nearly go to bed with the children now... I am getting old :S

So here is the breakdown of my weekend workouts:

Legs and Back: 518 calories
Core Synergistics (sub'd out Kempo): 580 calories
Treadmill (backwards and sideways running - saw it in Thintervention) - 161 calories
C25K - Week 1, day 1: 364 calories

So grand total for week 1 of P90x: 6 sessions for 2522 calories

Thanks for following along! I want to wish my sweet baby sister a very happy 34th birthday... she is catching up to me ;)

Make it a great day everyone!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Downward Dog magazine will NEVER see me on it :P

I keep fighting to get better at my poses and man does it ever hurt to try and twist the way Tony is asking me to when I still hurt so darn bad! I must say that I always feel so good when I am done the Yoga DVD though... my muscles are healing and almost singing today. I should mention that I have really had sore muscles BUT my joints have not been giving me a hard time... so maybe the treatments are working!! I still have my fingers crossed!

The YogaX DVD is too long for my morning workout... I am thinking about trying to find the Fountain of Youth Yoga DVD which, if I am not mistaken, is shorter. I want to include Yoga in my routine because I understand the importance... BUT I can not get up at 4am to get it in. Any other solutions?

My Mr. Wonderful does not see the need for Yoga and hates it so much that he ran a 5K this morning instead. He ran it in 36 minutes... he is my hero! He certainly had a much better calorie burn than I did but I got a better stretch in... we will see who gets better results.

So, I stood on the scale this morning and I gained ... I wonder if it isn't because my muscles are sore and retaining water??? Could that be the case??? Please tell me it is...

Anyway... tomorrow is Legs and Back followed by Kempo and then we are on to week two. I still haven't taken those before pics but I am going to charge my battery this weekend and take them. I will update regularly (at least every 30 days)

Make it a great day and I will update on Monday.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Super Sonic X-Style SORE

So yesterday morning I woke up so SORE that I just could not push play because I could not even WALK! I called it my day of rest and did my best to walk around. I used the walls to hold me up :P

This morning I got up when the alarm went off... hobbled around and got ready then went downstairs. So this morning was Shoulders, Bi and Tri (or shoulders and arms... not sure of the name). All I can say is that I was so wobbly when I tried to take my drink of water that I nearly spilled it. I am shaky still... in my arms and legs :P

That is all I can type this morning as I have a CRAZY day at work... make it a great one!

Oh yea, my stats:

Calories: 440
AVG HR: 125
Max HR: 163

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It always amazes me...

... how much endurance I lose when I take a fitness "break". This morning I set the alarm for 4:45am and the timing was perfect. I was able to get up, wash up, brush my teeth, get dressed, get some water and was in the gym by 5:00. I pushed play and Mr. Wonderful and I were ready for a monster workout because I had put Plyometrics in the DVD player :o

Man, oh man I suck!! I have lost so much stamina and strength in this last hiatus! I think that it was worse this time because we were so down and out that we ate poorly too... I mean usually when we stop exercising we remain conscientious of our food intake but not this time!!! We ate terribly, did not exercise regularly and it shows.

Anyway, we finished the DVD but it was NOT pretty. I did realize that I think that I like this morning thing... I mean we burned more calories before 6am than most people burn all day. I like that even though I have a meeting tonight that I will not feel guilty for missing a workout. I like that if I have some extra energy to burn tonight I can get on the treadmill OR I can watch a show if I feel like it... I think that working out in the AM is the right way for ME to get er done.

Here are the stats:

Calories: 640
AVG HR: 146
Max HR: 173

On the food side of things:

Totals 1,419 218 31 69
Your Daily Goal 1,703 234 56 63
Remaining 284 16 25 -6
Calories Carbs Fat Protein

That is it for today folks, make it a great day!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Round two has begun...

and I am feeling so good about it! It is hard to get up early enough to get it all in so my Mr. Wonderful and I have to do ARX tonight because I AM NOT wimping out on the Abs portion of this round. I realized this morning that I will have to set the alarm for 4:30 to get it all in... so that is the plan for tomorrow morning.

I will update with all the facts and details a lil later in this post... for now just know that I have begun round two and I will complete it this time.

Also will update with before pics and will do updates weekly with photos (even though I am embarrassed a little about how much definition and strength that I have lost. I am doing that so that I may stay accountable. I am also trying to stick to the diet more this round... oh it is going to be GOOD!

Make it a great day!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Canadian Cancer Society: Relay for Life

I am proud to mention that I am the captain of the Relay for Life team this year and I look forward to organizing the team to relay for 12 hours, from 7pm to 7am to remind each of us that Cancer doesn't sleep...

If you would like to pledge some money to the event and help to fight against cancer, I would appreciate all your assistance.

Make it a great day!

Canadian Cancer Society:

1 infusion of Remicade = 12 hours of sleep!!

So my first infusion went well... I was nervous but it was all for nothing. The nurse was super sweet and she even made a pot of coffee for us. It was overall a calm and relaxing experience; however, when I finally got home I was exhausted, shivery and nauseous... it kinda freaked me out a bit because I worried that I was having a reaction from the meds. I went to bed at 6:30pm and awoke at 6:30am!!!! My Mr. Wonderful kept an eye on me and made sure that I was ok but I obviously just needed some rest. Apparently my lil Squeelie (Baby girl #2) came in and spoke to me but I heard NOTHING! I was dead to the world but woke up feeling GREAT! I am worried about starting my regular workouts back up but I am going to on Monday morning. Right now my workouts are sporadic and usually consist of treadmill running... but I am gearing up on Sunday to follow the P90x diet and we are going to take before pics on Sunday as well to really COMMIT! I have printed out calendars so that we can X off the days and see progress that way too. I may also post weekly pics to keep me accountable... if not here definitely on my wall in my gym. I am doing this better this time around and the results will be SICK... and if all goes well that will be the only thing that is SICK :P

Make it a great day!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Not a total FAIL :P

So, I had planned to get up and do Chest and Back... so I set the alarm for 5am and went to sleep. The alarm went off like 10 minutes after I went to sleep so I turned it off the second it went off. I then fell back to sleep and only woke up again at 5:30... so I laid there for a second thinking... I blew it. But then I thought that I could do something instead of feeling bad about doing nothing ... so I dragged my ass out of bed, washed up a little, pulled my hair back in a ponytail and went downstairs and hopped on the treadmill. I warmed up at 3.9MPH for five minutes and then I wanted to see how fast I could run my mile as I have a goal of a 10 minute mile. What I hadn't factored in is the fact that I have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING over the past month and that was going to have an impact on my time. So I huffed and I puffed... then I slowed down for a bit, then I huffed and I puffed again then I started to cool down after my 12 minute and 22 second mile :P I suck!! I will get the 10 minute mile in before the end of the second week of working out... and I would put money on it.

Since I felt so good after doing my 20 minute treadmill program this morning I know that I have a renewed sense of myself... I WILL get up tomorrow morning at 5 and I will commit to not shutting of the darn alarm until my legs are out from under the covers. That is my commitment to me!

Following the lil run and my shower I got supper going in the crock pot and threw in a load of laundry. Then I vacuumed the floor downstairs... I felt like I could do anything! What a great feeling.

Make it a great day!

Oh, I almost forgot... I burned 291 calories this morning :D