Monday, November 1, 2010

Is it Normal????

Is it normal that, despite missing a workout this week, my glutes are killing me? I mean they are more sore after one week of the second month than they were when I started this journey!!! They are really sore... and it has me rubbing my a$$ a lot! I mean even in public... how much would it cost for a butt massage cause I think that I could use one.

That being said... I did miss a workout last week (again) when I went to the clinic with my baby girl. She had (has) a large mass on her wrist and it turns out that it is a cyst. They tried to drain it and then injected medication in it to try and reduce the size of that thing... ooooh, that was not a fun night. I got home really late and quickly decided that I would not be pushing play. I had a great conversation with Mr. Wonderful regarding missing routines and he encouraged me by telling me that I still have it a priority and I am doing a great job. Awww, he is the best and he is right, I can't beat myself up over missing A workout.

Hallowe'en... I hate this holiday!! I mean, why do I need to test my willpower... I was doing good! Surrounded by all these treats and temptations was more than I could take... so I caved and had a few snacks. All in all it was not the most sucessful week for me - healthwise. On a lighter note, Mr. Wonderful and I dressed up for a party on Saturday... we were devils. I have to get a photo and share with you all ... we won for best all-round costume :P We had a ton of fun - oh, but did I mention that I overindulged there too??? Yup... drank mixed cocktails with Pepsi!! All night... until 2am. I will NOT be stepping on the scale this week because I do NOT want to get discouraged :P

Now, the good news is that today starts a NEW week... with new goals. My goals this week:

To burn over 4000 calories
To not miss a workout
To eat clean
To avoid sweets

That is a BIG list... but I know I can do it!


Laura said...

Starting month 2 is like starting allllll over again. I remember being super sore again too. I thought I was in the clear then BAM! Max Interval, Max Plyo and Max Cardio... UGH... enough to send anyone's glutes into the land of butt rubbing and soreness!

Sorry to hear about your baby girl! That sucks! Anything with kids and doctors sucks. Hope she is ok now though!!!

And missing A workout b/c you're busy with family is definitely not the end of the world!!! If you missed one b/c you just don't feel like doing it is one thing... missing one b/c you have something important to do is quite the opposite. So Mr. Wonderful is right... Don't beat yourself up as you are doing a GREAT JOB!!!

Can't wait to see your Halloween costumes!!!

Betty Ray said...

Don't sweat the missed workouts. I'm sure you are doing Wayyyyy more than you were doing before embarking on this Insane journey, right? :)

I missed a few workouts this week and also had some sore cheeks. Plus it's finally starting to look better - more lifted yay! So I always take a sore butt as a very good sign. And, of course, there are other activities you may be engaging in that also work the glutes. ahem...

BUT, glad you guys had a great party and I'm sorry about your little gal. I hope she gets all better real quick.

The Mommy Mambo said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and for the great comment!
Sounds like you had a Halloween win too...Congrats! And don't worry about the calories. I'm a firm believer that they don't count on holidays.