Sunday, January 31, 2010

Arms and Shoulders with Ab Ripper X

Ouchie... it is even worse today! I am so sore, but sore is good right? All I can say is that I am glad is was Arms and Shoulders today. I don't think that I could have done more core or leg exercises. So, I did it tonight... and I did it well! I used 10 pound weights except for the Tricep exercises... I went light on those with 5 pounds but probably could have done 7 pounds. My muscles were shaking and I worked to failure at 10-12 reps. I do not know if it is Tony Horton or my dear sweet husband who is working out with me or perhaps it is my teenaged daughter who can't believe how good I am looking (yea, she actually said that!). Whatever the cause I am still feeling great and looking forward to tomorrow when we do YogaX. I should confess that the Ab Ripper did not go well at all. I was still hurting so bad from the previous days that I might have completed 1/4 of the reps of most of the exercises... but not even all. I know I need to dedicate time to those abs and I am trying... I think that it will take time though.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Ok, so I woke up this morning wondering how I was going to be able to muster another workout today... I am SORE all over. I mean it hurts to sit on the toilet I am so sore. Seriously, I have to hold onto the vanity and the wall and ease my way to the toilet. My gluts hurt, my belly (because I can't really call them abs - yet) and my legs... owwwww! So, after feeling sorry for myself I popped in the DVD... Cardio X today. I got going and before you know it I forgot all about the pain. I was breathing through it and it was working. I managed to do all the exercises and reps EXCEPT for the superman banana and the Standing up, moving to the floor, bicycle and jumping back up exercise (that is not the real name... I can't remember the name of it). So, I am proud of me!!! I feel great again tonight!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Core Synergistics

OMGoodness... this workout was AWESOME! There is NO WAY that this will not work. The secret to this workout program is that there is no secret. The only way that you can get into shape is through hard work, sweat and sometimes tears. You know what is funny? I used to look at the women on the beach who were wearing their bikinis and had a beautiful flat tummy and think, "Boy, those women are lucky. They must have good genes". What I had not realized was that the reason those women look like that is because they work hard! So I am looking forward to wearing a bathing suit one day and feeling great in it. I can't wait until tomorrow...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Taking control of my health

Since my Lupus diagnosis and the regime of medications that I am on I have allowed 20 pounds to find their way to my ass and my gut and I am finally taking control of my weight and my health. To date I have lost 10 of those unwanted pounds and now I am looking at taking my health to the next extreme with P90X.

My brother in law bought this program about one month ago now and after the first week on the program he called me to tell me that he lost 10 pounds the first week!!! I asked how my sister in law was doing on it and she had not lost weight but she lost 2 inches off her waist!!! I was sold! If they could do it then so could I.

So, I visited the Beachbody website and ordered up the program. I just couldn't wait... I mean my brother and sister in law were already building their strength and I was lagging behind. Unfortunately for me the shippment was held up in Toronto for more than a week! Finally I got the program today and I am ready to use it. Before you can use the program you have to take a fit test, here are my results:

Pull ups: 1
Push ups: 20 (on my knees)
Lateral jump: 10.25 inches
In and Outs: 30
Chair squats: 1 min and barely!!

I just pass the Fit Test and I am eager to start ... tomorrow!