Friday, May 4, 2012

I moved my blog...

I have moved... http:/// Thanks for visiting!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Update

Hey there fellow bloggers! I just wanted to share some of my successes with you this week... I am pleased to tell you that I am setting solid running goals again. This time I am following Terri-Lynn's advice and setting some goals, signing up for a race and just doing it. I am not going to be my worst enemy and question how good/bad I am... I am just going to let my skills evolve.

So, this week I went for two runs with another planned for tomorrow. I am running on a route that is 7.18KMS. I am planning three such runs per week, for now. I will be mapping out a longer route when I am successful in running this one fast enough... but for now, that is the goal. The first day that I ran it I managed it in 50 minutes and yesterday my time dropped to 45. I want to keep at it for one hour so I just cooled down a bit longer and in 58 minutes I managed to get rid of 707 calories. I love running for the calorie burn and for the challenge. I would be lying if I did not confess that this shit is HARD to do!! But, hey... I am doing it!!

So, here are a couple of pictures... one of me and my partner for the second run, you might recognize her... my SUPERMOM! She is insanely fit... I had a job to keep up... hope I can be that much of an inspiration to my children at 55 years young! The second is just proof of the calorie burn!

I mentionned in the previous post that my sister and I are starting a bit of a duel... to see who's weight-loss techniques are more successful. I would love to invite you all to visit our new site: Momma's Weight-loss and I am willing to hear all the advice I can get when it comes to running for weight-loss or home fitness solutions. I mean, I can't let her gym techniques win!

Thanks for your ongoing support everyone! Make it a great day!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Out and About... and nearly killing myself!

So, on Sunday I dropped Bear off at my Mom's for some quality time baking with Nannie and I got started with my running schedule. I left Mom's house for a 50 minute, 7.18KM run/walk. It was awesome getting back out there but I couldn't believe how much ground I lost over the winter months. I have told myself that it is normal and that I have to keep moving and it will come back. I am going to take a friend's advice and just book a 10K race and train for it. I know that regardless it will be a personal best :P

I am working with my sister on a new accountability venture... stay tuned for that!

Make it a great day!!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Getting back into it is TOUGH

Oh how I hate taking breaks... I love it while I am on vacation but it is SO hard to get back into my fitness routine. Perhaps it is the recent time change... ah hell, I am going to be honest - I am just in a lazy place right now.

I have started eating better again and tonight is when I am back at the X. I am going to ask Mr. Wonderful to join me... and if he does we may be doing the original X for a complete round. I will not complain and I will shelf X2 for now IF he chooses to do it with me. Should he refuse I will be back at X2, phase 2 tonight. Look for the update tomorrow morning...

Also, I am trying to organize a running group with a road race at the end of our training period. I have made a few phone calls and I think that this is going to happen for us this Spring. I am so excited... looking forward to getting back into running (although it is so darn cold these days that I can hardly imagine it). I am excited about beginning again... don't you love that new-again feeling?

Well, thank you all for the kind comments on my previous post and rest assured that I am back! I leave you with a picture of my snacks today... logging it now!

Make it a great day!

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Most Magical Place on Earth (with the most temptations)

So, I am back to my real life... the one that requires me to work, to be super organized and to logging my food and being accountable. I WILL start back at the beginning of phase II next week because this week I have to get my life back in order. I am making a plan this week and preparing for two+ months of hard work. I have a sample of the new Shakeology and if I like it I will be incorporating it in my routine as well. In the meantime, here are a few pictures from our recent trip:

Monday, February 27, 2012

My Son, an Elite hockey player?! :)

My son, the one of the far left, was chosen amongst all the young hockey players in the Eastern region of Quebec to represent his province in the Atlantic Canada playoffs in May!!! All the running around this winter, taking him to practices and games, paid off for him - big time! He could not be more proud and neither could his parents.

I should say that this little guy started last year and could not even skate! He felt discouraged and quit every week... only to have Mom take him (crying some of the time) and force him on the ice. That lasted a few weeks and then he had caught on to skating thanks to a GREAT assistant coach who took him aside and helped him. Then he tried to get better than the boys that laughed at him, he wanted to "kick their butts" to show them... and he DID! By the end of that first year he was skating faster than one of his biggest bullies! Fast forward to this year... he is now the senior on the team with 15 little non-skaters joining him. Rather than skating circles around them, my son skated with them and shared his story. Mr. Wonderful became the assistant coach and Bubba assisted him ;) After a few weeks the little boys were on their way and Bubba got into the game. He has learned so much this year and loving the sport was his biggest accomplishment. He is now skating circles around everyone on the team... he is by far the best skater. Those bullies have become friends and he hardly remembers those bad moments. He has been noticed and spoke for the A team next year and now this... elite group. We want to help him build his skills so we planned on Hockey school this summer... and camping in the evening. He has a great heart and you see it in his game. His Dad has helped him reach further than he thought possible and it has been a beautiful thing to witness!

Now, Bubba may not make it to the NHL, he may decide hockey is not for him when he gets older but this moment will stay with his Mamma for a long time!

Thanks for letting me share :D

Oh, as for X2 I am on an unplanned rest period. I will take up phase II all over again after I am done hanging out with Mickey. We have an amazing adventure planned and I will update upon our return.

Make it a great day and have a restful March break everyone!

Friday, February 17, 2012

I am Still at it... at least TRYIN'

I will be able to update next week and be back on track... to be honest, I am just trying to follow this proverb:

Feeling a little stressed because I am going to Disney in a few weeks and haven't quite accomplished what I set out to do before... but it is not going to stop my progress. I had my MRI this week and it was the most rest I have had all week. My Bear has her "friend" home from BC this week and we are happily hosting (this kid is a Mom's dream) but it is interfering with my regular routine. I should be back on track and all caught up for next Friday. Until then, keep pressing play friends and BRING IT!

Make it a great day!