Thursday, October 14, 2010

Opted for Plyo Cardio Circuit instead of Karate

OK, so truth be told I really did not OPT for this change of schedule... my little girl was feeling under the weather so did not want to go to Karate last night. So, rather than doing nothing... I did the routine that was scheduled. I get one more attempt at the Plyo DVD in a couple of days and then I will put that one to rest for a while too :D How fulfilling is that!!

I should say that I think that I hit a mental block last night... I am not sure if I had convinced myself that I too was under the weather or if it was something else BUT I found the routine to be really hard?! I am not sure why...

Here are the stats as they were recorded on my favorite piece of jewellery, my Polar FT7:

Duration: 1:22:03 (got so busy with laundry and such that I forgot to stop it again)
Calories: 563 (After the workout it would have probably been about 380ish )
Fat Burn: 49:15 (extra long cool down)
Fitness: 32:39
Average: 123
Maximum: 166

So far this week I have burned 1503 calories... with 3 days left I have to burn over 500 calories per day to reach my 3000+ goal... so, I think that I will get some extra workouts in when I can. I can do this!!

Make it a great day!

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Laura said...

All workouts are not equal. LOL. If I'm feeling good, I burn lots of calories... if I feel so-so, calorie count goes down... if I'm feeling flat out tired and not in the mood, I might as well skip the workout b/c I'm mad at the end b/c calories burned stinks. We all have those days... but we all get up the next day for more pain and suffering. :)

I bet you'll reach your goal though!!!