Thursday, July 22, 2010

On a break and finishing the house

Well, we have yet to get onto round 2 of the X although I had the best of intentions! We simply spend every spare moment working at completing the house and are completely drained when we hang up our tool belts... BUT, hammering, insulating, sweeping, lifting heavy planks, siding and drywall should all count as exercising... I mean I know that I sweat like crazy and that my heart rate is definitely above resting but to what extent I can call it exercise is yet to be determined. I should really wear my HRM some night and then I can really calculate the results of our hard work. I suppose that I should also weigh in but I have been worried that all my results have been sabotaged by my lack of commitment to begin round 2. I will weigh in after the weekend and see where I am at - maybe that will jump start my round 2 even if it means waking up at 4h30 to get in the exercise.

How many of you exercise in the morning on an empty stomach? I always fear that I am not giving it my all because I feel weaker and I am cranky in the morning which doesn't help neither....

Aww, what to do?!

I should say that Mr. Wonderful and I took some time off on Sunday afternoon to spend some quality time with our sweet and understanding children who have been so patient with us as we try to build our family home. Our time together consisted of hiking to the Shigawake Falls and while we were there Mr. Wonderful took this picture of us and then we went to the Cove and swam... so there was great movement on Sunday for the whole family ;) We are still trying to stay as active as we can but maybe not as much as we would like to.

Anywho... there has been no recent updates because there was nothing to update other than we should be priming the house next week... so at least some things are moving forward.

Make it a great day!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Still biking

Well, we are still enjoying our bikes and I have shaved 10 minutes off that 13km run that I blogged about last week. I think that tonight we are going to switch it up a bit and add some kms to our routine... I feel that I am ready :)

This weekend was a total bust for my diet! (and by weekend I mean from Wednesday - Sunday (inclusive)) because my SIL is home and we were party planning and hosting all weekend with lots of YUMMY junkie food and I caved... like a big whimp, I caved BIG time. Ate what I wanted, however much I wanted and never even thought of the consequences! So, here we are Monday, I am taking my lunch and drinking my protein shake... time to take back the control.

Our plan for the week is 3 bike rides with added kms and 3 strength routines, legs and back, chest and shoulders and arms, bi and tri.
Make it a great week!