Friday, October 15, 2010

Cardio Recovery + Kenpo X = on target for calorie burn

So tonight I did the routine that was scheduled for last night... Cardio Recovery. I, once again, looked at my Polar FT7 and it read that I had burned a measly 180 calories and I knew that it just wouldn't cut it. Since I have been craving a little P90x and the fact that I missed my Karate this week I thought that I would try my hand at Kenpo to make up for the missing calories. I played it with music and cues and I LOVED it! I skipped part of the warm up since Shaun T. had already accomplished that with the Cardio Recovery and went right into the punches and kicks and it was fun but low impact :S Who would have thought that it would have taken Shaun T. to teach me that I can do more, kick higher, move faster and stronger than I had in my first round of the X. I just can't wait to combine these two programs... it is gonna be FUN!

So, here are the facts for tonight's routine(s):

Cardio Recovery:

Duration: 42:08
Calories: 180
Fat Burn: 41:36
Fitness: 00:23
Average: 101
Maximum: 131


Duration: 1:04:40
Calories: 454
Fat Burn: 32:01
Fitness: 32:30
Average: 124
Maximum: 160

For a grand total of 634 calories today... not bad but nothing compared to what I am about to burn on the second half of this INSANE ride ;)

Make it a great day!

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Betty Ray said...

Doubles for you - way to go. I loved Kenpo after the first few times and I agree, an Insanity/P90X combo is going to be great. Keep up the great work. Glad our karate injuries are starting to heal.