Thursday, November 24, 2011

Week 2 & 3 in review

Oh dear, where has the time gone?

I have to confess that I have been doing a little too much of this:

Wishing that I was doing a little more of this:

and this:

beacause I have to post these (really embarrasing BUT I have to own it!)

So, what is there to report? I have lost 2 pounds ... that is it. I have not been able to get in my workouts daily but get in about half right now. P90x2 is GONNA KILL me... but I need a new motivation and some inspiration because I do not wish to go to Disney FAT. I am getting thick around the midsection AGAIN and I am not giving up. I will update again next week.

Make it a great day!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Week 1 in review

Well, week one is in the books and here are my results:

P90X workouts: 5/6
Lunch hour walks with Superwoman: 1
Other workouts: Splitting wood for 2 hours
Water intake (min. 64oz) 5/7 days
Clean eating and logging eats: 6/7 days
Cheats: 1/7 days

I worked hard and sweated a bundle... I am sore from head to toe and I weighed in this morning to find out that all of my hard work ADDED two pounds to my already overweight body. :K

What are my plans for this week? Continue to commit to the new routine. I am planning to continue to follow the workouts and eat clean but I may increase my calories. Seems strange? Well, I am going to be eating 5 small meals a day, limit my coffee to three for the week and try and be more accountable on the weekends. I will post my before pics this week (when I load them to my computer).

Thanks for supporting me... I will keep trying and hopefully have a loss to share for this week. I am going to take my measurements too this week because I do not want the scale to dictate my success or failure. I feel great (sore but great) and looking forward to this week.

I have chosen my HARD... Bring it!!!

Make it a great day!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Illustrating my progress

Thanks to the photo bank on Google Images I can illustrate for you all where I am near the end of week one of my recommittment to a healthier me:

Let me begin by illustrating perfectly my only regret:

I missed one workout this week and will be doubling up today to catch up. I just ran out of time yesterday and couldn't get the workout in... but I wasn't worrying because I knew that I was done work today at noon and that I have time for two workouts today. I mean... I would not have a problem wasting two hours watching a movie, right... so I think that time will serve me better catching up on the workout I missed.

Beautifully said...

And this is just a reminder to myself!

My Beachbody coach sent me the information on the new P90x application for Iphone... I think that I may wait to get it because I am just doing this in absence of the X2... I would prefer to spend $60 on an application for that program rather than this one.

Well, have a great weekend everyone... be back on Monday to fill you all in and share my BEFORES :EEK

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Doing my Best

But really feeling sluggish. It may be because I am working out without any gas in the engine or just trying to re-establish some order in my workouts... but whatever the cause I am struggling. This morning I got Bear out of bed an convinced her to do it with me. It started off ok and she was getting in gear (but, between you and I she is not really trying very hard... I can't wait till she sees some results - that will push her) but really felt that Plyo was more than she could handle... so I popped in Core Synergistics instead. We got through it but it really wasn't pretty. This weekend we are taking our before pics (even though we will be a week into it) so that we can stay motivated. I will post them even though I am NOT proud of what I have let myself get to. Then I will post the 30 and 60 day pics and then I will be on to P90x2 :D

So, not much more to report. On the diet side it is going really well; I am keeping my protein high and feeling full all day. I am getting my water in and the systems are working great as a result. On the topic of protein I am going to admit that I tried the Visalus shakes and I want to know what you think of them? Have you tried them? Have you had success with them? If I am being totally honest I HATE them. They are gritty, odd-tasting and I just can NOT learn to like them. I tried ... I had two shakes but made three and the thought of drinking it made me nausous. So, I am back on Lean Body shakes with 35% protein and loving the chocolate milkshake flavor. I am going to start taking a multivitamin as well as CLA... but haven't yet. What supplements do you all take?

Make it a great day and I should say that I am HURTIN'! My core is on FIRE... it hurts to bed, to get up out of bed, to laugh, to cough... it hurts! I LOVE IT!

Monday, November 7, 2011

I Currently Struggle With...

... Time management!

Ok, so here is the deal... I have a new puppy and although she is the sweetest thing ever she has been getting me up twice a night to let her out to pee. In addition to that she also sleeps in our bed! Bad, I know but I can not help it... I hate to hear her cry. Why do I do these things to myself? I wish I were more selfish, but alas it is not in me to be like that. So, what has it done for my training? My plan was to wake up in the morning and do my workouts but that did not happen since I was not getting my rest at night. To work out at night (these days) are out of the question because ... this is my evening schedule :

Monday: Municipal Council Meeting
Tuesday: Bear goes to tutoring and Marge is studying
Wednesday: Bear goes to tutoring and Marge is working until 8 then studying till 9 with Bear
Thursday: Bubba has additional hockey practice (this is on top of the weekend practices for extra ice time because he is finally getting it and is starting to LOVE it)
Friday... I have no current plans for Friday.

This is not unusual... it is every week. What I did not mention is that Squeelie has hip hop as well on Monday's and Tuesday - Thursday she has after-school activities that require us to go get her. Our plates are FULL at night but I am not using any of this as an excuse... instead I made a plan. The plan was to start eating right as of November 1st (done!) and when the hour fell back I would get up REGARDLESS to work out at 4:45am. So this is what it looked like this morning:

4:35am: Meadow needs to pee so Momma takes her out
4:40am: Peeing complete and Momma is wide awake thanks to the Fall air... feed Meadow and Callie and leave them in the garage
4:45am: Beg Bear to get up and do it with me... not happening so I push play and enjoy the tranquility (that is until Tony starts)
5:45am: Workout in and 20oz of water down... hop in the shower and ready to start the day!

Breakfast consisted of plain oatmeal with some fixins added in (apple, raisins, vanilla and cinnimon).

The workout... was intense. I was able to get 20 pushups in for each set (except the diamond (15) and the dive bombers (10)). As for the chin ups I did 10 reps for each set... the first set assisted and the second set on my Smith machine using 80 pounds. The lawnmowers and the heavy pants were sets of 12 @ 25 pounds. The back flys were sets of 15 with 15 pounds of weights.

I feel AMAZING! I know that I will be hurting tomorrow morning and that Plyo is gonna kill me tomorrow but I am looking forward to it.

MAKE it a great day and Bring IT!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 1st = 1st day of last round of the X

I got my first exam back yesterday and got a 90% ... yeah me! Now, that I feel I have a good handle on this learning thing I am making November 1st the first day back at the X. I have to admit that I have GAINED weight and inches but today I start sweating them back off. I will post stats tomorrow and get back at being accountable through my blog.

So, if you want to follow my progress please visit daily... it helps to know that others are aware of my goals so that I have a little pressure to keep at it.

Goals! Let's talk goals for a moment... what are my goals this round? I think that they include, but may not be limited to, the following:

1. To regain my endurance that I so helplessly threw away from the unplanned break
2. To prepare myself for January 1st when I begin P90x2
3. To remould my body for the beaches of Fl in March
4. To lead by example for my children
5. To feel well; strong; alive
6. To begin to be proud of my body again

That will do for now ;) So it has been declared and I am looking forward to recording my progress here.

Bring it!!