Friday, July 15, 2011

You might be a fitness freak (wannabe)

... if you end up going to work looking like this! I think that I have forgotten how to do my hair :S

Make it a great day!

Friday, July 8, 2011

The planning has begun

We have booked out 2011 Spring vacation...

Our first trip to the happiest place on Earth was back in 2008 when Bubba was really small so we just took the girls. Then we went back in 2010 with the whole family and we are going again in 2012!! We are excited, can hardly sleep excited and I know that it will be the motivation that I need to keep my ass in gear and get through these next nine months.

Some pics from our last two trips to our fave vacation spot...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Onward and Upward

Good morning all! As my previous post suggests I took Tuesday as my day of rest, although I can hardly call it that. SO, last night I invited Superwoman over and we did Shoulders and Arms together and had a real great burn. I mostly used 20 pound weights for all shoulder exercises and did sets of 8. For all the bicep exercises I used either 20 or 15 pound weights with sets of 8. Finally, for the tricep exercises, my weakest area, I used from 10 pound-15 pound weights with sets of 8. I felt the muscles very well and I know that by tonight my muscles will be crying... but it feels oh so good to have them talking back to me like that ;) So, during the hour of S&B I burned 399 calories with an average HR of 112 and a maximum heart rate of 160. It was a great night.

I then woke up and did my run this morning. It was the first time that I have woke up at 5am to get my run in ... I can say that I do much better at night. Maybe because I hadn't fuelled myself yet, maybe it was because I worked out late last night and my body was still tired... whatever the reason, my early morning run SUCKED! I mean, really sucked! I managed to do 5kms (which I verified the distance with the car on my way to work) in less than 30 minutes but it wasn't pretty. I stopped three times to walk, I just couldn't get going... my knee hurt, my breathing was off, I was HOT - really HOT, I looked down and my heart rate was at 169... just all bad! I did burn 314 calories with my average heart rate at 152 and my maximum heart rate at 176!!!!! Tough run but I am going to try again tomorrow morning.

Make it a great day folks!

Fast or slow, at least I am moving, right :P

Oh and tonight is my most dreaded Yoga which I am subbing out for Core Synergistics... not fighting with myself over running AND yoga... just not gonna do it ;)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I guess there is such a thing as having TOO MUCH FUN!

Last weekend we had a great long weekend and took the littlest children camping. We had an amazing time in the great outdoors and we were able to go on two biking adventures... one along the beaches and another in an off road biking trail. It was SO much fun... the children adored it!

They fell a couple of times and there was blood and scratches but they can't wait to do it again. BUT... when wecame home I noticed that Bubba's knee was looking a little yuckie.

Two days later it was looking really yuckie so I took him to the clinic and they had to drain the infection out of his knee and he is on antibiotics now :( I guess there really is a thing as having too much fun! On our next run both of the littles will be wearing knee and elbow protection... I was a bad momma.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back on the bandwagon

OK, enough of the semi-committing to stuff - I am back on task 100%. We have decided on the dates that we will be heading back to Disney and I have nine months to get back into shape (although, I can't really remember ever being IN SHAPE, at least not the shape that I aspire to be in at this stage of my life). ANyway, I am back on the P90x schedule and continuing the B210K running as a double. I am really learning to love running... I hate to share that time with anyone (at this stage) because it is the one hour that I get for me! Call me selfish but I love my running time... no one demanding anything of me... just me, my tunes and my heart racing, i LOVE it.

So, last night I did P90x Chest and Back... I have to say that the workout that Mr. Wonderful has made for us is much harder than Tony's. I felt so strong last night doing this workout because of all the weights we have been lifting... it was a great feeling. Burned 452 calories doing the following:

1. Standard Push-Ups: 15/15
2. Wide Front Pull-Ups: 8/8 @ 90 pounds
3. Military Push-Ups: 15/15
4. Reverse Grip Chin-Ups: 8/8 @ 90 pounds
5. Wide Fly Push-Ups: 15/15
6. Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups: 8/8 @ 90 pounds
7. Decline Push-Ups: 10/10
8. Heavy Pants: 10/10 with 25lb dumbbells
9. Diamond Push-Ups: 10/10
10. Lawnmowers: 10/10 with 25lb dumbbells
11. Dive Bomber Push-Ups: 10/10
12. Back Flys: 10/10 with 15lb dumbbells

I am looking forward to this round of the X and more committed than ever. I know that the running will compliment the schedule and it was obvious to me that my endurance has improved a lot. I am going to get my run in at 3h30 today and then Plyo tonight with Mr. Wonderful. It feels good to be back!

Also, I am using the Lean Body protien shakes for a meal replacement at lunch... subbed out my Syntha 6. Last night for supper I made the Clean Eating Coconut Thai Shrimp ... it was scrumptious and only 338 calories!! Definitely going to make that again.

I will leave you with a photo of me sweating it out following my workout (just because I know how much you all like photos) ... make it a great day!

Monday, July 4, 2011

13 years ago today...

...I said I do to the boy that I fell in love with in grade 9, the father of my first child (and the two that followed) and my best friend. There have been rough times, sad times and LOTS of happy times. I am so blessed with my family and it all started with that boy 21 years ago and the day we said I DO was the beginning of our journey into enternity together. Happy anniversary to us!

Here is a pic of the man that I adore with our three children (from March):