Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Update

Hey there fellow bloggers! I just wanted to share some of my successes with you this week... I am pleased to tell you that I am setting solid running goals again. This time I am following Terri-Lynn's advice and setting some goals, signing up for a race and just doing it. I am not going to be my worst enemy and question how good/bad I am... I am just going to let my skills evolve.

So, this week I went for two runs with another planned for tomorrow. I am running on a route that is 7.18KMS. I am planning three such runs per week, for now. I will be mapping out a longer route when I am successful in running this one fast enough... but for now, that is the goal. The first day that I ran it I managed it in 50 minutes and yesterday my time dropped to 45. I want to keep at it for one hour so I just cooled down a bit longer and in 58 minutes I managed to get rid of 707 calories. I love running for the calorie burn and for the challenge. I would be lying if I did not confess that this shit is HARD to do!! But, hey... I am doing it!!

So, here are a couple of pictures... one of me and my partner for the second run, you might recognize her... my SUPERMOM! She is insanely fit... I had a job to keep up... hope I can be that much of an inspiration to my children at 55 years young! The second is just proof of the calorie burn!

I mentionned in the previous post that my sister and I are starting a bit of a duel... to see who's weight-loss techniques are more successful. I would love to invite you all to visit our new site: Momma's Weight-loss and I am willing to hear all the advice I can get when it comes to running for weight-loss or home fitness solutions. I mean, I can't let her gym techniques win!

Thanks for your ongoing support everyone! Make it a great day!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Out and About... and nearly killing myself!

So, on Sunday I dropped Bear off at my Mom's for some quality time baking with Nannie and I got started with my running schedule. I left Mom's house for a 50 minute, 7.18KM run/walk. It was awesome getting back out there but I couldn't believe how much ground I lost over the winter months. I have told myself that it is normal and that I have to keep moving and it will come back. I am going to take a friend's advice and just book a 10K race and train for it. I know that regardless it will be a personal best :P

I am working with my sister on a new accountability venture... stay tuned for that!

Make it a great day!!

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