Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Worked it OUT!

So, last night I tried to get someone to take my little girl to Karate but to no avail. SO, I suggested she stay home and she was all over that! A night free to watch TV with her big sis... sounded like heaven to her :)

That being said, I accompagned my hubby to a "wake" (visitation, deceased viewing... whatever you call it). Now our intention was to go in, greet the family, offer our condolences and get out of there. So, we walk in and buy a card and our friend said that her husband (the grandchild of the deceased and our good friend) is running late because there was another death and he had to go and pick up the body. As you may have guessed our friend is an undertaker.

So, we ended up staying a lot longer than originally planned. Then when we got home my hubby saw his uncle was at his parents house and convinced me to go and visit there :S I love his aunt and uncle so I went. Upon arriving there I quickly scanned the room to realize that it was a boy's party... our aunt was not around... so I excused myself and headed home to throw on my workout clothes and get to work.

That is right, I was able to do Max Intervals and I loved it. It was fast and furious but I did not expect anything less. Some of the new moves were hard for an awkward chick like me to do BUT by the time I got through the third round of each set I was getting it done. My only disappointment was with my HRM... it kept beeping and telling me to check the transmitter. I checked the HRM on occasion and it was reading 00????? I gotta ask Laura what she did to fix her HRM when that was happening.

In any case, the HRM did calculate when I was standing upright... but anytime that I was in the plank position or on my hands and knees, or squatting the HRM would beep :S I got some data but not all of it...

Anyway, here are the facts even though there is no way that they are accurate:

Calories: 472
Fat Burn: 15:06
Fitness: 37:14
Average: 142
Maximum: 169


Betty Ray said...

Congrats on doing so well with your Month 2 so far. Sounds like you are really enjoying the challenge. Keep up the great work!!

Laura said...

LOL... My beeps at me sometimes when I'm upright! I could only find a new battery for the chest part and my lovely hubby has yet to put it in. When I went to first change the battery a few months ago, I could not for the life of me get the blasted thing open! It was completely sweated shut I'm guessing. LOL. My hubby took a big screwdriver to it and finally got it open... but he still destroyed the back up. So now, he needs to use tools to get it open. I'm going to try to get him to do it tonight to see if it helps... but if it doesn't, then I'm going to assume it's the battery in the actual watch part... and in that case, I have to hunt it down in a store...

Let me know if you figure something out!!!