Friday, October 8, 2010

Ouchie! My Karate injuries really affected my results

Last night I took three pain killers to numb the pain enough to get through my routine. Thankfully it was cardio recovery. I suffered through but did not get the results that I aimed for because I had to back off a bit... pics below to better illustrate my issues right now :P

My big toe:

The top of my foot, same side:

I also have a sore wrist and my big toe on the other foot is bruised and swollen. I am DEFINATELY wearing protective gear next week!

Anyway, after I weakly got through Cardio Recovery yesterday I looked at my HRM and saw a measly 198 calories burned and decided to go into Cardio Abs to some additional calorie burn. Here are the stats from both routines:

Duration: 1:02:56
Calories: 303
Fat Burn: 58:07
Fitness: 4:40
Average: 106
Maximum: 154


Tonight is Cardio Power and Resistance... My toes are feeling better so I am hoping to get through it a bit easier.

Make it a great day!


Betty Ray said...

Ooof, that looks terribly painful. I hope you heal up quickly. Injuries happen, you'll be burning up the major calories again soon. :)

Laura said...

Um... OUCH! Like Betty said... Hope you heal quickly!!!

Your calories burned for Cardio Recovery are about where I was too... It sucks to get through the workout and see hardly anything burned!