Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chest and Back

OK, so I have to admit something, I have not unpacked everything from the recent move and my P90x bible has been misplaced!! So, I am not sure what routine I was supposed to do last night... but I did not use that as an excuse. I simply pushed play with the first DVD in the collection... Chest and Back. Now, I should preface by saying that this was my absolute least favorite routine last round. As a matter of fact I always felt defeated while attempting to do it. Even at the end of the round I could hardly do a good Dive Bomber... and last night I did 5 good ones!! I am stronger and I KNOW that I can do it, and it feels good!!

So, here are the facts from last night's routine:

Calories: 429
Avg HR: 129
Max HR: 167

Oh, and I should say that my HRM was beeping all night last night... so I am not sure how accurate my stats are BUT it is all I have as a measure so I will take it.

Make it a great day folks... PLYO tonight - yippee!! Can't wait to try it now that I have faced Shaun T.


Monday, November 29, 2010

I've Got a Feeling...

... that tonight's gonna be a good night, that tonight's gonna be a good, GOOD night!

Because I am starting round two of the X... and I can't wait to see what results I get this round. If Insanity taught me anything it was that I can ask a lot of my body and it will manage. So, I will not wimp out at all this round and I WILL be doing pull ups by the end of it too. I would love to see another 10-20 pounds gone too... even though that is all I have left to lose. I am feeling better now than I have in years and this round should put me on top of the world.

SO, tomorrow I will update on my results and hopefully my body does not throw me another curve ball this time... but if it does I will wait it out and go again.

Make it a great day!!

Friday, November 26, 2010


Just because I am looking for something to write about as I prepare for my 2nd round of the X and just because I want people to understand about the disease that the Lord thought that I could handle, I thought that I would share some information about the last flare up that prevented me from finishing Insanity as planned. The name of the "flare up" is Costochondritis. Here is what the definition of the problem:


I sometimes forget that I have Lupus except when I take the 5 pills per day to keep me moving (12 on Sundays and 4 pills extra each day when I am in a flare up)... this was almost like a reminder. In any case, now that I just have 2 more days on my anti-inflammatories I am ready to start again... P90x, here we come. Lupus will not get the better of me ... today anyway!

Make it a great day!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A new beginning

So, I decided to begin P90x with my sweet hubby again next week. We are going to take this week off to prepare everything and then we will be back at it next week... I am so excited about it. This is just a post to say, "Stay Tuned"...

Make it a great day!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Insanity + Flare up = Failure

Well folks, last week I began a new flare up, in my chest, that cause intense pain and I could not catch my breath at moments. As all of you know Insanity alone can do that by times... so added with this new symptom that I had caused me to not push play. It has been one week and with some added meds I am starting to feel better and in a little less pain... so I am now at a position where I must make a decision. Do I finish the last two weeks of Insanity or do I throw in the towel and start my P90x again with my hubby??? I am leaning towards the X because I will have a companion... but I will see. In the meantime I am going to push play tonight and do a Month 1 routine along with the Cardio Abs. I know that I won't be doing any Insanity this weekend because my Mr. Wonderful and I are heading on a road trip together. We will be meeting up with friends and the girls are going to be treated to a full body massage, mani, pedi and facial... ooohhhh, I can't wait! I also know that we will be eating at some of our favorite restaurants... which is a recipe for disaster for my diet :P

When we return we will be ready to tackle the X again... actually I am looking forward to the change. I am ready for the weight training and looking forward to giving my joints a rest.

Or do you all think that I should just "suck it up" and finish Insanity for the T-shirt? I really wanted that darn T-Shirt :S What to do?

Make it a great day!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Accountability for last week

OK folks, let's see how I did with last week's list... did I succeed at everything that I set out to do? Let's take a look:

To burn over 4000 calories - NEGATIVE :(
To not miss a workout - NEGATIVE :((
To eat clean - NEGATIVE :(((
To avoid sweets AND A BIG NEGATIVE!!

So, how do I make it better this week? Good question since I have bigger obstacles in my way this week... I will be on the road for four of my days and I NEED a serious plan to keep on track. Besides, I have new, small jeans on their way.

I am not going to defend what happened last week, but what is in the past is just that... the past. On Sunday we all put all of the Halloween treats in a big bag and shipped it out! It is all gone and so is the temptation. I have my meals planned out for the next two days and then I will be on the road... but when I return I am going to be more conscientious of my meal planning... this will avoid falling off the wagon and going for easier options.

Also, I have booked a suite rather than a room and will be bringing my daughters portable DVD player... I am going to get some serious calorie burning done this week. I won't be disrupted and won't be feeling guilty about being downstairs and selfishly taking time for me. NOPE... on the other hand I will be basking in alone time, feeling totally selfish all the time and I am going to make this week make up for my sloppy behaviour lately. YUP... I will be strong, focused and committed.

In the meantime, I should say that I loved my workouts Thursday - Sunday. I did not miss any BUT I could not find the strength to pull doubles on Sat/Sun like I had planned. These Max workouts are so intense that it is hard for me to ask my body to endure it twice in one day. I really want to get all my workouts in on time this week because I want Sunday off with my family...

So, here I sit thinking about my poster in my home gym: Passion + Commitment = Results. I am gonna do THIS!

Oh, it seems that the scale is down about 10 pounds... I know that it would have been more if I would have kept the diet in check... two more weeks to hit this out of the park.

Have a great week folks and remember to MAKE it a great day!

Hallowe'en pics, as promised

The first pic is when I tried the costume on... but the night of the party I wore leggings and a long sleeve top under it... it was just TOO cold out. Anyway, here we are... lil devils :P

Friday, November 5, 2010

Rest day, Intervals and a gift :P

So, I have been a bit quiet because Tuesday night was insanely busy at my house so I opted to make it my day of rest. Then Wednesday came and so did visitors (did I mention that we built a new house and it has people wanting to come over and visit;)... Interval mission failed!!!

Anyway, last night I was really beating myself up about it BUT I invited my little Angel girl to do it with me and we got Intervals done early. It was great and she did really well for an 8 year old!! We had some good numbers and my plan to catch up is to do two workouts on Saturday... one when Mr. Wonderful takes our 5 year old to the rink and another in the afternoon/evening. I will be back on track before Sunday night.

Now, it seems that I have lacked a little motivation lately and as such I knew that I needed a carrot to get me to commit to finishing the program. I have two weeks and a few days left and damn it I am going to DO IT! So, while blog stalking yesterday I went to visit Laura and saw her wearing a pair of kick-ass boots and JEANS... OMG those jeans were awesome. So, as my carrot I went to Abercrombie today and bought a pair (might I add that they are a full size smaller)... and a sweater :P So, that will be my gift to me for finishing the program. I should get them just in time to go to Montreal and see my BIL and SIL... I hope that I look half as good as Laura does!

So, here are the facts from last night:

Calories: 636
Average HR: 142
Maximum: 173

Make it a great day!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Max Cardio Circuit and a buddy

So last night I knew that I had to really dig deeper and try to get my calorie count up because of all that crap I ate on Halloween... so I did something that I would not have normally done - I asked my Mr. WOnderful to join me. When he said no I whined a little, suggested that he shut the TV off and come join me and when he said no again I walked downstairs by myself. No buddy to push me :(

The reason I asked Mr. Wonderful to join me is because I always push myself further when he is there... maybe it is some sort of animal instinct to make him think that I am a strong woman. I am not sure but whatever the reason I do get more out of my workout when he is there. Anyway I went it alone ... for the first 20 minutes or so and then Mr. Wonderful felt guilty and joined me. It was SO NICE to have him at my side suffering with me. And I think that he enjoyed it... we will see if he joins me again tonight :)

So, here are the facts:

Calories: 594
Avg HR: 137
Max: 175

Make it a great day!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Is it Normal????

Is it normal that, despite missing a workout this week, my glutes are killing me? I mean they are more sore after one week of the second month than they were when I started this journey!!! They are really sore... and it has me rubbing my a$$ a lot! I mean even in public... how much would it cost for a butt massage cause I think that I could use one.

That being said... I did miss a workout last week (again) when I went to the clinic with my baby girl. She had (has) a large mass on her wrist and it turns out that it is a cyst. They tried to drain it and then injected medication in it to try and reduce the size of that thing... ooooh, that was not a fun night. I got home really late and quickly decided that I would not be pushing play. I had a great conversation with Mr. Wonderful regarding missing routines and he encouraged me by telling me that I still have it a priority and I am doing a great job. Awww, he is the best and he is right, I can't beat myself up over missing A workout.

Hallowe'en... I hate this holiday!! I mean, why do I need to test my willpower... I was doing good! Surrounded by all these treats and temptations was more than I could take... so I caved and had a few snacks. All in all it was not the most sucessful week for me - healthwise. On a lighter note, Mr. Wonderful and I dressed up for a party on Saturday... we were devils. I have to get a photo and share with you all ... we won for best all-round costume :P We had a ton of fun - oh, but did I mention that I overindulged there too??? Yup... drank mixed cocktails with Pepsi!! All night... until 2am. I will NOT be stepping on the scale this week because I do NOT want to get discouraged :P

Now, the good news is that today starts a NEW week... with new goals. My goals this week:

To burn over 4000 calories
To not miss a workout
To eat clean
To avoid sweets

That is a BIG list... but I know I can do it!