Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My blood pressure is now 130/80!!!

What a great morning I had! I went for my followup with my rheumatologist which began with the usual triage treatments... weigh in, blood pressure reading, heart rate and oxygen saturation levels. WELL!! Weigh in was exciting... 5 kilos less than May. I can officially say that I have lost 5 pounds on Insanity. Then the blood pressure reading was 130/80... well, I nearly cried. I haven't seen those numbers since before my last pregnancy and Buba is now 5!!!! There was even a time that my family doctor prescribed high blood pressure pills (although I did not take them). I committed in January 2010 too take matters in my own hands and exercise! So, all I can say is that my body seems to be loving the extra attention that I have been giving it.

Now, on to the Plyo Cardio Circuit that I did last night. I felt SO good when I did not take a water break during the warm up - Yeah me! I managed the workout better than times before and I know that I will be feeling like I can really manage them and then Shaun T. is going to change things up again. I guess that I will just have to redo the program ;) Here is the deal though, I forgot to shut off my HRM following the workout so my numbers are a little skewed ... but here they are none-the-less:

Calories: 584
Fat Burn: 1:00:33
Fitness: 36:29
Average HR: 116
Maximum: 172

Tonight is Karate and I think that I found a way around the HRM ban... I am thinking about wearing it under my Karate uniform rather then on my wrist. I will get the reading one way or another ;)

Make it a great day!


Laura said...

Yay! Congrats on the weight loss and lowering your blood pressure! Amazing job!!!! :)

Betty Ray said...

Now those are the kinds of results I LOVE to hear about. Congrats to you. What a great job you are doing.

And oh yes, I can promise that ST will be changing things up on you real soon. LOL