Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I am feeling much better today... physically. All that stretching must do a body good; however, was I ever discouraged last night! I thought that the Yoga would be somewhat easy for me as I have done Yoga in the past but I was not doing it the Tony Horton way. By the 45 minute mark when we were on the one-millionth (a little exaggeration BUT) vinyasa and downward dog I thought that I was going to die! Then it moved to balance moves which may have been easier if I had not done 45 minutes of killer Yoga! Needless to say I made it though but it was not a pretty sight. I can't wait to build the muscles and core strength to keep up with Tony and his group... I know it will happen! Anyway, tonight is legs and back which I am doubtful on how I am going to do. I am suffering from a slight flare-up in my left knee so I may have to modify some of the exercises. No worries, I have no plans to throw in the towel... I am going to BRING IT and tell you all about it tomorrow.

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