Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Legs and Back and just for fun... Ab Ripper X

Good morning! I am just getting back from the Doctor's office... 10 pounds on the scale are GONE! Now that is since October BUT I know that in all reality it is likely since January. To top things off I also cut my blood pressure by 10 points... so that is GREAT news!

Last night I took my before pictures... that is a humbling and humiliating experience. And, NO... I will not be showing the pictures right now but in due time I might be proud to say that was once me. So you will have to wait for that. Ok, now back to business... Legs and back. OUCHIE on my knees! So much so that the doctor put me back on prednisone to try and help the swelling. Still not using it as a crutch just was trying to be conscious of when it was a good burn and when it was time to lighten up a little. I think overall I did better than I thought that I would... so that is good. As for all the chin ups - forget about it! I SUCK!! I am going to be modifying the exercise and using the tension bands to get using those muscles.

Then we finished the night with the Ab Ripper... I still did a poor job of it but what impressed me was that I did better than the last time that I did it!! I mean visibily better although it is not form-perfect and definately not pretty but I am getting better already so that is what I call MOTIVATION!

Thanks for reading and make it a great day!

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