Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday and the CardioX

OK... so today I continued right along although after volunteering at the rink all afternoon along with the stresses of the week I really had to motivate myself to get to it today. I went and got dressed in my workout gear and headed to the living room to get it on... and boy did I ever! I realize that this may be the last time that I do the lean... I was going to do the entire month following the lean program and then switch it up to the classic but I think that I will switch it next week... I just want to make sure that I am getting the most out of the program. BUT, in general I always felt that the Cardio was the easiest of all the DVDs and on a positive note I was sweating pools of sweat... so, that can't be all bad! I will weigh in on Wednesday and then I will know if it is working or not! I should whisper that I am wearing a pair of pants today that I have not had on in over one year ;-) DAMN, that feels good! I know that something is happening to my body ... I just wish that I could order where the weight leaves first!

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