Friday, February 12, 2010

Kenpo X

Well, today I feel more sore than I have been feeling in about one week. It could be that the Prednizone is no longer in my system but...

Back to hurting to sit on the toilet! It hurts to climb stairs... hurts to walk, sit or stand. I have ordered the recovery drink and was going to start taking it as soon as it comes in but it just has not arrived yet!

Kenpo was awesome last night. Tons of sweat and some pretty unstable, non-threatening kicks coming out of this girl but... I finished it! My hubby and I also finished up the night with the Ab Ripper because we did not do it after legs last night. Tonight I am not taking my day of rest because we took an extra day last Friday.. so tonight is Core! Wish me luck!!

Make it a great day!

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