Wednesday, February 17, 2010

16 pounds since January....


So, it is weigh in day and I was happy to see another 3.5 pounds of goo gone! What a nice feeling! Only 4 more pounds to go to be at my "pre-med" weight... yeah me!!

OK, so last night was tough. Tough because I had a town-hall meeting to go to and I did not get home until after 9pm... and then I had to push play. It is nights like last night that I am so grateful to be doing this workout with my hubby. He made me do it when all I wanted to do was to vegge on the couch. Anyway, we pushed play and kicked some butt with the Leg and Back routine. 50 minutes of leg exercises for someone with Lupus can be brutal BUT this chick likes torture!! I can take the pain because I am used to pain... everyday ;) Finally, something beneficial from this disease.

Anyway, legs and back completed and tonight is Kenpo... which I love! Then it will be followed by two days of rest because of a work-related trip. On Saturday we will start the recovery week... then it is photo time. Man that first 30 days flew by!

Well... make it a great day!

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