Monday, February 15, 2010

The weekend and my P90X

Good Monday morning! THis weekend my dear hubby and I managed to get through the Core, Cardio and the Arms and Back. THis is the last arms and back routine for a while since next week is recovery week! I can hardly believe that we are nearly done week three of the program! Weigh in is on Wednesday... I can hardly wait to see if there is a change... can't tell anymore. SOme days I think that I THINK that I am getting smaller here or there and then other days it is only my problem areas that I seem to focus on and they seem to be still as big as ever!> :-( I spoke to my sister in law who is doing the program and is two weeks ahead of me and her results are very impressive!! She has lost 10 pounds and three inches of goo around her waist... yeah Roxy!!! We will be seeing one another in two weeks because we will be heading to Florida for a couple of weeks for March break. Oh the fun... chub or no chub this girl is going to have a blast with the kids. I will FORCE myself to get into pictures with the family and I will not care which problem areas are making an appearance that day (kinda sounds like an oathe eh>!). So, tonight is the dreaded YOGA from hell... why oh why did you make that DVD 1 hour and a half Mr. Horton????

Wish us luck!

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