Sunday, February 7, 2010

Friday extra day of rest?

OK... so here is the deal, Friday was an unexpected extra day of rest. I was so disappointed in myself but after a bottle of red wine (it was a tough week and I know that killed my diet BUT>>>) and going to visit my father in law for his birthday I just couldn't muster up the energy at midnight to get in my core routine. Anyway, I woke up Saturday morning ready to get back into it... so at 5am my hubby and I got a glass of water and did the core routine! Wow!! I really appreciate having those glasses of water before the workout like they suggest. I mean I was even light-headed because of lack of hydration. Anyway, I pushed through and was actually really pleased with the improvement from the last time that I did it. I can't believe how quickly you can improve!! Anyway... I got back into it and I am not going to kick myself because I took the Friday too... I am just not going to have ANOTHER day of rest this week.

Make it a great day everyone!

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