Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yoga X

Well we did it! All 90 minutes of the Yoga ... and I have to say that I can hardly believe how great Jeff did with the poses!! He amazed me! I was able to do them all and some of them made me say bad words when the timer seemed to be standing still... but I got through them with some serious breathing! Tonight is the dreaded legs... wish me luck!

Oh, and I should say that yesterday morning I got up and decided to take my hubby's 20 pound weights and I was able to do 8 concentration curls with the 20 pounders!!! How do you like that? I was so pleased... although Tony should get some sort of a cut on all the dumb-bells that we are buying! My hubby is going to make us a rack for them... we should have a great collection by the end of these videos! And to think that I started three weeks ago with 5 pounders... although that didn't last long because I underestimated my strength.

Make it a great day!

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