Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Total Body - second attempt

Well good morning world! I skipped the rest day today and plowed through Total Body. I think that my body may have liked the active rest day a bit better but I just told my mind to SHUT UP and pressed play. I had asked my Mom to meet me earlier so we could get the ARX2 in this morning as well... so, being the excellent mother that she is, she was waiting for me in our home gym for 20 minutes before I rolled down the stairs at the regular time. I just like sleep too much!!

I have to take a moment to discuss how important it is to have a workout buddy because I think that it is pivotal in the success of this or ANY program. On the days that you would rather just stay in bed the fact that someone is depending on you helps you to get your FAT ass outta bed and into the gym. It helps knowing that you are NOT the only person who struggles with some of the new moves that you are asking your body to attempt. It helps that you can talk about the program all day with this workout buddy because they are as addicted as you are... and they don't judge you for it! In all I think that finding a positive, dedicated and passionate workout buddy will improve your success tremendously!

OK, onto the workout today... I did not face-plant even once today! I managed to squeeze out reps of every workout but this is still one of the hardest (in a great way) workouts. We did complete the ARX2 today too but we skipped the cool-down ((beat me up later, I ran out of time)) It was a great workout and I feel excellent today. I had to pack lunch and supper today because I am on the road until about 8pm tonight... and I did not want to feel tempted to go to Tim Horton's and cheat. I should confess that yesterday I did not eat regularly and it was torture. I ended up binging in the afternoon... nothing could fill me. I ate an apple, 2 strawberries and 1 oz of cashews. I had to physically leave the house because I think that it may have turned BAD fast! I still stayed under my calorie goal but with only 50 calories to spare :P Today will be a better day!

So, here are the stats today:

Calories: 504
Average HR: 121
Max HR: 155

Make it a great day!


Laura said...

LOL... I wish I had a workout buddy but my hubby flat out refuses to workout plus he leaves some days by 5am.

UM.... binging on an apple, strawberries and cashews isn't bad at all. When I binge it's on ice cream, pretzels and anything gooey. Hahahaha.

Scrappytbear said...

go you!!! I so wish once more that we were closer together!

Gaspegirl said...

Me too Terri-Lynn!! We could be awesome workout partners and you could FINALLY teach me to run and sustain the running so I don't keep losing ground :P