Saturday, January 14, 2012

Oh What a Night!

Good afternoon everyone! This morning we were on the road quite early heading for Bubba's hockey game. The game was amazing and Bubba's team worked really well together and scored 7 goals. Bubba is defense and did not score a goal but he worked really hard and in the end the opposing team managed one goal (thanks to my bubba and the defense line-ups because the 4 year old goalie is just starting out)... so it was a 7-1 win for Bubba!! He has improved so much since last year and he is owning the ice this year... so proud of my 6 year old superstar.

On to last night... I came home, did up some chores, made supper, left the dishes and went downstairs to workout. Mr. Wonderful came down to see what happened and why I disappeared and walked in on Balance and Power. I invited him to do a few moves and he did great... he has such amazing strength. He has said since the beginning that he felt that the program should have been called P90XX rather than P90X2... because, in his opinion, it is designed for women. He couldn't see himself rolling around on a ball! Well, after trying the push-ups on medicine balls and that crane position on the push up bars he was no longer questioning the difficulty of the program. My weigh-in may have convinced him of the quality of the program as well... but it was fun to see him do the moves and sweat a little. Anyway, I managed to do both the Balance and Power and the Yoga. I was pleased with myself; however, after 2 hours of workouts I then came upstairs to find all the supper mess still waiting for me. I am not sure where I pulled the energy from but I cleaned up all the supper dishes and made a new batch of Steel-Cut oatmeal that I cooked while I slept in the crockpot. I took pics and maybe I will share them in a post this week!

So, here are my stats:

Balance and Power (my favorite workout of all)
Avg HR: 141
Max HR: 169

Calories: 202
Avg HR: 106
Max HR: 138

Have a great weekend... next week I start my official program :) Can't wait to see the results in a few more weeks!


Vanessa said...

2 workouts..holy smokes!!!

I wish my dishes would magically disappear too..ugh.

So..oats in the slow you have recipe or something you could link me up to? Do you make a big batch and store in the fridge? How many days does it last?

Laura said...

Yes, please share the steel oats recipe!!! Never had them and would love to try!

I think that is everyone's opinion of X2 (especially men) when they look at it... that it's easier because it's so different and you aren't lifting super heavy. They all quickly learn though that it's not! :)

I can't believe you are "officially" starting your round today!!! Yay!!!