Friday, January 27, 2012

Sleep was too Comforting this morning

So I will have to blog later about the two workouts that I am doing tonight. I had kinda planned this in my little brain last night and when the alarm went off this morning I just stopped it and returned to my slumber. It felt good but I ended up sleeping in LATE and running late all morning. They are calling for a HUGE snowstorm beginning this afternoon and ending overnight... so if my Dr's appointment is cancelled this afternoon I will spend the afternoon exercising and get to bed early. The excitement of last weekend is still wearing on me and my body is desperate for sleep. I have not taken my move of the week photo yet but I have one in mind and I will ask my Bear to take the shot tonight/this afternoon and share with you on Saturday.

Make it a great day and I am leaving you with some words of wisdom that I found on PINTEREST


Laura said...

Boo! Jealous of the snow you are getting!!! It's raining and just plain craptastic down here.

Can't wait to see your move of the week!!! :)

Courtney Foster said...

I wish we would get one snow this year, so far no dice! anyway I have been earning the wrong body this week. I need to get on track!