Saturday, January 7, 2012

I have squishy balls

So this morning, like the four previous, we entered the gym for some P90X2 and for an ass kicking. Sure we were feeling better than we had all week (maybe it is because of the Yoga yesterday - I am not sure) but that just lead to a false sense of confidence. We pushed play and Mom immediately was concerned because of the name of the workout, "Balance and Power". She struggles with balance and so she was concerned but I thought... no problem! Ahahaha... I should know better by now! During this workout I face planted... twice! I crashed and busted not one but both my knees and all the while I thought that I had a great balance... and perhaps I do but I do need a LOT of work on my core so therein lies the problem. I have committed to trying these workouts this week and I am happy that I did. We are taking Sunday and Monday as rest/recovery days where I intend on active resting. With my muscular and joint issues that foam roller feels too much like massages and the last time that I had a massage it took me FOUR days to recover! That being said, I plan on running on the treadmill/snowshoeing over the next couple of days to increase my calorie burn for the week and end the week strong. Today was a mere 414 calories but only because I was unsure of the moves. Like all the other workouts, when I get the moves down I will be able to really BRING IT throughout the workouts... but for now, that is all I got. Next week will look much like this one because my travel has been canceled and I am almost relieved because I wanted to get a head start with this program. Beginning the 16th I will do the workouts in phase 1 for another three weeks and then do the week of recovery. I will have stayed in phase 1 for 5 weeks with one week recovery... and I am not disappointed because I think that I need a lot of work in that area. I am looking forward to this leg of my journey with my Mom and I already know that I am making changes that will stick this time. Speaking of my Mom... she hopped on the scale this morning and she lost 6 pounds this week!!!! Did you see how small she is to start with and she LOST 6 pounds.... I am so impressed. I will weigh in tomorrow morning to see where I am starting from because, as I said, I did not weigh in before.

So, that is it for me... oh, I guess that I should explain the title of the post :P My medicine balls are squishy and I can not do my pushups from them. Does anyone else have the same problem? I am looking into a pump but my sports store did not have one. I will head to Canadian Tire today and see if they have one... I need harder balls!!

Make it a great day folks!


Laura said...

LOL... I love the title of this post!!! You'll see a big improvement the next time you do this workout. Actually you'll see a big improvement in all of them. At least that's how I felt going through this week. I am happy too that I "tried" them all before "starting". Have a great weekend!!!

Vanessa said... one wants squishy balls!!!
So what execise where you doing when you did the face plant? Sounds intense.

So..I am thinking I may start p90x, been watching my guys do it and I really need to amp things up for myself. BUT I am already doing taekwondo 3 to 4 times a I am just now sure how to tackle it. I know I won't be able to do it in addition to my tkd, so I guess just do 3 days per week of p90x knowing I won't get the full results but having it be better than nothing?? Would love your opinion!