Thursday, January 26, 2012

Need to Keep My Head in the Game

Yesterday was not a great day nutritionally! Not because I binged or ate the wrong stuff (although I had one little cheat) but because I did not eat nearly enough and as a result I did not have the fuel in my body to pump out a good round of my favorite workouts, Total Body!! I was so disappointed and discouraged... I can't even explain. I did not have the energy nor the willpower throughout the entire video. I thought of pushing stop after the warm up and again three more times during the workout. I wasn't enjoying it because I was constantly fighting with myself to keep going! I hate it when I am not mentally THERE! So, after the lousy workout I took some quick shots of myself to verify if a transformation has begun. I really should have worn the same outfit (and on my ACTUAL comparison pics that is what I am doing but I am not showing those YET) but it was a spur of the moment thing and I was hoping for a little motivation... tell me what you think!

The stats from today's workout:

Calories: 322
Avg HR: 126
Max HR: 152

Thanks for reading, keep pushing play and make it a great day!


Anonymous said...

Hey Gaspe Girl!
Keep it up...I see a big difference in your core. Know that you don't only motivate yourself but others as well. Your family and friends are inspired by your dedication and perseverance so don't beat yourself up over one workout.
Love Ya!

Laura said...

Definitely see a big difference around the middle! Wow! Everyone has their off days and the most important thing is that you pushed through and finished. You could've stopped any number of times AND YOU DIDN'T! So stop beating yourself up! And your mom may not be with you but remember when you're working out up there... I am also working out in Jersey with you! :)

christa said...

Today is a new day!

airca101 said...

I had the same sort of day yesterday, I was too wiped but I did finish and I know I'd be even MORE cranky if I hadn't. I see a great difference in your body so far! You are still only a 1/3 of the way there, imagine how great it will be at the end. Good luck!

Gaspegirl said...

Thanks ladies... I know that the most visible changes happen in the second phase so I am going to really bring it and see what it gives me.
* Mel you are a sweetie...
*Laura you are one of the sweetest people I have never met ;) Thanks for being a support!
* Christa... it will be a new day... tomorrow :)
* Airca it is nice to hear that others are struggling with their motivation too... it can get tough but pulling through makes us stronger!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hot mama :) It is your Sis her :) I am truly amazed with your dedication.. You sure keep me motivated along with others.

Love ya and you are looking great!

Anonymous said...

You can definitely see differences! Keep it up, you're doing great and it is a huge inspiration to me as I struggle through 30 Day Shred!