Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Plyocide Squared... the way I like it!

Hey, good morning all! I had a great morning and I hope that you did too. I popped in the Plyocide DVD and we started good and early this morning. We both had a remarkable improvement in our workout and followed along very well. I was sweating by the end of the first set... I mean visibly sweating all over the place :) It was great!!

I have been really doing well on the nutrition side and keeping my calories under goal every day. I have also managed to get all my water down daily but I know that in order to melt away this fat that I have accumulated that it is going to take more energy burned during fitness activities so I have decided to try and run at nights. I have decided to return to running for two reasons... the first is because I MISS it and I am saddened by the loss of endurance I had the last time I "tried" to run but also I need the extra calorie burn. I hope to do that three-four times a week and take my weekends as active rest days and will snowshoe, cross country ski or give my children a good laugh and skate with them. I will openly confess that if any of these activities affect my performance during the X2 program I will back off on them... but if they don't then I am going after this FULL FORCE.

I am going to leave you with a picture of a treat meal that my Mr. Wonderful made me on Friday past... he is so good to me.

Also, here are the stats for my Plyo this morning:

Calories: 534
Average HR: 135
Max HR: 171

Make it a great day!!


Laura said...

You go girl!!! I think I will be adding in stuff too during the week. There isn't enough cardio... would like to get 1 more day in. :)

Dinner looks yummy! I'm doing the grain-free version of Fat Shredder now and good lord I miss pasta!!!

Vanessa said...

good for you! i bet that was a intense workout!!!

enjoy your weekends, you have fun stuff planned :)