Monday, January 9, 2012

A Revelation on a Monday Morning

So, this morning my Mom and I were actually working out by 4:45am... not getting up at that hour but actually sweating!! Before Mom got to my house I tiptoed downstairs and hopped on the scale... this has been something that I have been dreading (and avoiding) for a couple of months now but I did it. I realized that this morning (after likely losing weight from last week's menu and workouts) I weigh more than I have since I was pregnant!!! How does a person begin a great routine, lose weight and feel great and then let an event in their lives halt the whole thing? I am embarrassed and ashamed that I let myself do that ... but then I finished dressing, got my water, took a deep breathe and pushed play. I know that this time this is a forever change. I am already thinking about which program I am doing after the X2 program and thinking long term. I am ready for a serious and long-term change!!

So, back to my regularly scheduled broadcast ;)

We did X2 Core today for the second time and we certainly improved a lot! Are we perfectly executing the moves? NO!! But we definitely see progress and I know that this is going to change the way my core supports me. I am happy that I have started two weeks before the group and that I get an extra two weeks added to the foundation phase because my foundation NEEDS it! The good news today is that I did not face plant... and I was successful on all moves! The bad news... well, there wasn't any!

Here are my stats:

Calories: 421
Average HR: 127
Max HR: 163

I am looking forward to a great week and I hope that you have one too! You should really go check out THIS GUY who is a few weeks ahead of me in this program. He just took his 30 day photo and posted his stats... 15.6 pounds he lost in the first phase!! Pop over there and give that man a virtual pat on the back ... he is really changing his life!

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Laura said...

Don't be too hard on yourself girl... We've all been there right there with you!!!! And I am so impressed with you and your mom getting it done THAT early!!! Holy crap! :)