Monday, January 16, 2012

Putting my Trust in Tony

Good morning folks! I had a fabulous weekend and I hope that you did too. Plans are well underway for the Sweet 16 bash this upcoming weekend and I am slowly exhausting myself as I try to make sure that all is prepared. I can't wait to share the moment with all of you... I will do a special post in dedication of my Sweet (and sometimes sour... but mostly sweet) sixteen year old.

Saturday I spend my afternoon cleaning the house, with vigorous effort (for the calorie burn) and after three hours of it... I recorded my calories and carried on at a more sensible pace. Our home is 3100 square feet of wood/tile floor and I scrubbed all the floors, polished all the furniture, changed the beds, did the laundry... everything! Of course I usually do this on Saturdays but this weekend was even more important because we are having the beautiful Angel and her boyfriend as our guests next weekend. They have never been to our new home and I wanted the best first impression that I could give them. Angel is my cousin and she is traveling 16 hours to attend my Bear's sweet 16 party... I have the best family ever!!

On Sunday I tried to be lazy and sleep in... didn't work. I did take a nap in the afternoon, well... not really a nap, I watched a movie laying down. I want to try and recover my body on the weekends while still staying as active as my body will allow. I am resolving to listening to my body this round and it is working so far. Later that evening I did a B210K run and I can't believe the changes in my endurance already! I am so pleased that I began this program two weeks early because I wasn't convinced that this program was going to have the effects that the X delivered... but I know now to trust in Tony's judgement. I am going to keep following the plan, bringing it everyday and watching the fat disappear. I am thinking about taking progress pics every two weeks just as a motivational tool... not to share publicly until I am proud of where I am.

I laid in bed with my little Bubba following my run and we snapped this picture to share...

As we laid there my little Bubba got really emotional... he confessed that he is worried about me dying. I consoled him and explained that the reason Mommy works out is so that I could stay with him longer... as long as God thinks he needs me. He was happier at the end of the conversation but it was a sad moment for my Bubba. He loves his Mommy and mommy loves him just as much.

In closing, I wanted to let you all know that I will be doing a post on the crock-pot oatmeal, with tons of pics, later today. It is great and worth sharing.

Oh, nearly forgot about today's workout! I got up a little later than usual, not because I planned it but because I did not hear my alarm! Normally I would have shrugged it off and said I will try and get it in tonight but this morning I just decided to run late and get up and push play. I did Core and I am so pleased with my progress. I should say that is was not the same without Mom there... I missed having her today. I seem to push myself harder with a partner. That being said I still think that by the end of the next three weeks that I will be able to do it just like Tony! That sounds pretty confident eh! Well, I am full of confidence these days... so look out, I may be on the next infomercial ((((lol, lol, snort, lol))))

My stats:

Calories: 423
Avg HR: 124
Max HR: 158

Make it a great day!!

In closing, I thought that I would add another picture to prove that I am not always sweaty ... I clean up for work :)


christa said...

Nice working out!!

Laura said...

Boys are so sweet...

Great job getting up though!!! When does your mom get back again?

Gaspegirl said...

She is back next week... she is keeping up with me while she is away. She is doing X workouts :)

Anonymous said...

You are a brave soul! I am so scared to try the P90X stuff!! Best of luck to you!

Anonymous said...

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