Monday, February 27, 2012

My Son, an Elite hockey player?! :)

My son, the one of the far left, was chosen amongst all the young hockey players in the Eastern region of Quebec to represent his province in the Atlantic Canada playoffs in May!!! All the running around this winter, taking him to practices and games, paid off for him - big time! He could not be more proud and neither could his parents.

I should say that this little guy started last year and could not even skate! He felt discouraged and quit every week... only to have Mom take him (crying some of the time) and force him on the ice. That lasted a few weeks and then he had caught on to skating thanks to a GREAT assistant coach who took him aside and helped him. Then he tried to get better than the boys that laughed at him, he wanted to "kick their butts" to show them... and he DID! By the end of that first year he was skating faster than one of his biggest bullies! Fast forward to this year... he is now the senior on the team with 15 little non-skaters joining him. Rather than skating circles around them, my son skated with them and shared his story. Mr. Wonderful became the assistant coach and Bubba assisted him ;) After a few weeks the little boys were on their way and Bubba got into the game. He has learned so much this year and loving the sport was his biggest accomplishment. He is now skating circles around everyone on the team... he is by far the best skater. Those bullies have become friends and he hardly remembers those bad moments. He has been noticed and spoke for the A team next year and now this... elite group. We want to help him build his skills so we planned on Hockey school this summer... and camping in the evening. He has a great heart and you see it in his game. His Dad has helped him reach further than he thought possible and it has been a beautiful thing to witness!

Now, Bubba may not make it to the NHL, he may decide hockey is not for him when he gets older but this moment will stay with his Mamma for a long time!

Thanks for letting me share :D

Oh, as for X2 I am on an unplanned rest period. I will take up phase II all over again after I am done hanging out with Mickey. We have an amazing adventure planned and I will update upon our return.

Make it a great day and have a restful March break everyone!

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Shaunells Hair said...

Just wanted to stop in and say hi! I lived in Quebec for a year and a half and miss it so much!! Love Montreal, Quebec City. Love it! Good luck on your goals!