Thursday, February 9, 2012

Death by Jumping... or at least my attempt :P

Good morning dear friends and blog readers! I blogged yesterday, very briefly, between shifts because Wednesday is my day to work all day and part of the night. I begin at 8 am and I finish work at 7:30 pm. Now, before you start feeling sorry for me... I have set this schedule because I LOVE having Friday afternoons off. At the same time I always make bad food choices on Wednesdays and it makes me feel terrible. All that to say, I still did not go over my calories for the day BUT they were not clean, good calories.

Anyway, I said before I left to go to work yesterday... that I didn't care what time I got home and how I was feeling I WAS going to push play, NO EXCUSES (working on the same theme of TBL this season). I got home tired, frustrated and maybe a little angry... but I went right to my room, got changed and finished up my children's homework with my workout attire on. I tucked them in, took a moment with the two youngest to say good night and then walked downstairs. I pushed play and struggled a bit because of the poor fuel that I consumed yesterday but I managed to get it done. I felt good about the workout and burned a whopping 512 calories before heading to bed. I am seeing progress!! Last night when I was doing the elevation change (you know the move with the "plyo-box") I stepped one side of the box and jumped on the other side! It increased my heart rate and I really felt great, like I could jump over the moon really! I use a rubbermaid step-stool like this:

So on the side with the step, I stepped and on the other side I jumped instead of stepping! Again this too was inspired by TBL, if they can jump on those steps, then I should be able to too!

Now I CAN'T wait for tonight's workout... Shoulders and Arms, my fave! I didn't get up with the alarm this morning because I am TIRED! I slept in until 6 and I feel great. I knew that I have no plans for tonight so I can really push out a great workout and not feel rushed tonight.

Make it a great day!!

Calories: 512
Avg HR: 132
Max HR: 169


Vanessa said...

sometimes it is just mind over matter..good for you for getting that workout DONE!

Anonymous said...

Good job getting through it. Well done!

Laura said...

I hate working out at night! You are a goddess!!!