Thursday, February 2, 2012

OMFreaking Goodness... I am S-O-R-E

So, as you know on Monday I woke up early to get my first taste of phase 2 of X2... it was AWESOME! I loved the challenge and the muscle work... but it caught up with me the next day! I woke up on Tuesday morning and rolled over to shut off the alarm and nearly cried in pain... I got up and went to the bathroom only to return to bed and try and sleep it off. I call this my first rest and recovery day of the week. Wednesday morning I wake up early and was on the road for work before seven AM so no workout on Wednesday neither... rest and recovery day two for the week. Now I am back on ... got up this morning not feeling nearly as sore (thank heavens) and crushed Cardio X. It was a great workout and I really do miss the cardio. I know that my balance has improved a great deal since completing the first phase of X2 because I do not even have to put my foot down when I am doing the three directional kicks. I am loving the fact that I see progress day to day.

I have been keeping my calories below 1200 or near 1200 because of my lack of exercise; however, I have not stepped on the scale yet. On Friday I will share my results of weight-loss or gain from phase one. I will also be doing my photos before moving into phase two. These photos will only be shared at the end of the round... and only if I feel confident to do so. In truth, I am loving the changes that I am seeing and feeling and I am certain that phase two will bring even more visible changes than the first phase.

So, today's workout results were:

Cardio X (I have missed you ;)

Calories: 478
Avg HR: 131
Max HR: 172

I feel great when I push play first thing in the morning... don't you!?!

Make it a great day!


christa said...


Laura said...

Chest, Back & Balance is such a BEAST! I like it sooo much more than regular Chest & Back.

Here's to crushing it along with Cardio X today!!!

Scrappytbear said...

EW I know last attempts at P90X have wilted under the pressure of "sore"..Im just not emotionally capable of being that sore right now! LOL!

Vanessa said...

I love those kicks in cardio x!