Monday, February 6, 2012

A Sunset + A Hockey Presentation + Visiting Relatives = A great Weekend BUT not a Productive One!

First off, I need to think of shorter titles for my entries! Sorry about that :P

So, Friday morning I slept in… I have been feeling sleep deprived and I want to blame it on Netflix (in our room) and more specifically, Dexter!! Damn serial killer that I can’t stop watching and wondering what is next! So, because of my lack of will power and my lack of sleep I was not in the position to push play Friday morning – but I thought, oh well… I will do it Friday night!
Onto Friday night. We get a call from Bubba’s head coach to let us know that he was asked to be present at the arena on Friday night because the Bantom team was going to introduce the TimBits to the audience. We arrived, a little late because I had to pick Skylie up from her swimming lessons, and watched as my little Son skated like a champ to the blue line and stopped like a pro on the sides of his blades. He is, by far, the best skater on the ice and his puck handling is coming along nicely too. It was so nice to see him standing beside a 6’XX” kid and imagining how quickly time will pass and some day that might be him introducing another future hockey player. Anyway, it was a touching moment for mommy and we stayed to watch the big kids play… although Bubba wanted to play too and he felt robbed when he was asked to leave the ice. Hehehe
So, Friday was a bust… but hey, it is a rest week. Onto Saturday… we woke up to a beautiful, COLD but beautiful, day. So, I called Wonder Woman (WW) and suggested that we head out for a snowshoe trek. She was cleaning stalls in the morning and I was cleaning my home so we planned it for the afternoon. I cleaned like a mad woman and got all my work done in 4 hours rather than the 8 it normally takes me. My shirt was soaked and I knew that I had burned some serious calories. Then I head over to WW’s house and headed out for my beating. Within the first minute she had me climbing a hill and jumping over a fence with my snowshoes on… and I knew that this was going to be a killer workout. WW did not disappoint! We trekked for about an hour, breaking trails and admiring the view. I snapped the following picture on our way home… we truly are blessed to live in such a beautiful area.

Sunday was much of the same non workouts. I had guests over for breakfast, hockey for lunch and guests again for supper. I did not log my food because I did not weigh my portions in front of everyone BUT I did watch my serving sizes and ate appropriately. For breakfast we had eight people and we served fourteen… it was a lovely day. Our guests are now on their way to Ontario and we are so happy to have hosted them. I love it when our family visits. I should say that Wonder Woman introduced me to Chocolate and Butterscotch fudge and I was very well behaved when she offered me a piece… BUT I went home and made a batch myself on Sunday (for my FIL’s birthday). It was a big hit but there are lots of pieces left… and I MUST find a home for them before I blow my progress. I am sure that I can convince someone to take them.

Anyway, we are beginning a new phase today and I am looking forward to some GOOD PAIN!

How was your weekend?

Make it a great day everyone! I will update tomorrow with the first two workouts of phase 2.


Laura said...

I LOVE DEXTER. What season are you on? I have Showtime only b/c of that damn show. Wait until you finish them all!!!

With all you did this weekend, it doesn't seem like you didn't "work out"! LOL. Great job girl!

My weekend was GREAT!!! There was great food, great friend and most importantly my Giants won the Super Bowl!!!! (Now back to dieting... ugh)

Gaspegirl said...

Of course you do Laura... we are soul sisters! I am on Season 3 now, I have loads of episodes to devour! I may never sleep again!! lol

Oh and Yeah for the Giants!! I don't watch football but I will cheer for your team ;)

Laura said...

OOOOH... Wait until you get to season 4! Craaaaazy! It's so addicting.

Have a great workout tomorrow!!!