Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Isolation, Concentration and Extend-ination

Monday night I had planned to do the Chest, Back and Balance workout after the monthly municipal council meeting; however, after getting home at nearly 10:00 I just chose not to do it. I am not saying that I couldn't but I wanted to give it everything that I have so I took a deep breath, patted myself on the back for managing my calories so well and got a good night's sleep. This was a great example and reminder of why I must get to bed early and maintain my morning workout schedule.

So, the alarm went off at 4:45 this morning and I awoke, ready for the day! I put on my workout gear, tried to wake up Mr. WOnderful and invited him to join me but went downstairs alone to conquer the workout. I pushed play and didn't look back until I had burned 426 calories with an average HR of 112 and a maximum HR of 153. I really enjoyed the workout even though I am not great at it. My hands are calloused trying to get in those pull ups and my core will be sore tomorrow. I am LOVING this new phase of X2... love the challenge of new workouts.

Hope you are having an equally great day... if not, MAKE it a fabulous one!!


Laura said...

Great job girl!!! 4:45? That is seriously impressive!

I need workout gloves too... Never had callous problems with the regular X, but now my hands are soooo rough.

Have a great one!!

Vanessa said...

sounds like you are loving the workouts..that is AWESOME!!

Anonymous said...

4:45 says dedication! Especially only getting to bed at 10pm!!
Well done!