Friday, February 10, 2012

Shoulder, Arms and ARX with Wonder Woman

Good FRIDAY morning everyone! What a glorious morning it is here in this beautiful region this morning. The sun is shining bright and the air is cool and crisp (-18)... a perfect morning for a Winter run (not that I did one or anything). Nope, this morning I found myself doing the same thing that I have done for four other mornings this week... I slept in! I am going to be doing Base and Back, ARX and Yoga on Sunday...

it may sound like a lot but I feel good about it.

Tonight I am BOOKED solid... pick up Skylie from swimming, go to the arena and decorate for the tournament this weekend followed by Bubba's first hockey game of the tournament tonight. It is going to be nuts, especially since Skylie and Bear want to go to the winter carnival tonight... not sure how I am going to work that out!!>>! But I will figure it out ;)

Saturday is much the same story as Friday night... more volunteering and watching at the arena. FUN, FUN! I actually do love watching Bubba play hockey... but this weekend is tiring.

Anyway, on to my last night's workout... it was GREAT! I invited Wonder Woman over to workout with me at 8pm and it was great to have company. I find I push myself harder when I have someone to "compete" with. We did great, completed all exercises and I figure that by tonight I won't be able to lift Bubba's hockey bag! My least favorite exercise of the night was Six-directional shoulder fly and my favorite was anything that required laying on the stability ball... they were great! They included the overhead tricep pull and the Y-T Fly, loved those. We finished the night with a little ARX2 and took a moment to savor the 635 calories that we burned! With no cardio and mainly weights this was a much higher burn than I expected... but I will take it!

Here are the details of the workout:

Duration: 1:14:48
Calories: 635
Average HR: 135
Max HR: 162

On the diet front I made much better choices and felt stronger because of it. I kept it well under the goal and hopefully it will pay off for next week's weigh in. I did not weigh in again this week because the Dr weighed me and it is official, I lost 8 pounds in the first phase. The next Dr. appointment will be in another 6 weeks and hopefully I will have good news to share from that appointment.

So, have a great weekend and MAKE it a great day!


Vanessa said...

wow that is quite the calorie burn!
have a great weekend :)

Holly L. said...

Yeah, call me envious of that number! Motivation for me to step up my workouts.

Laura said...

Yay!!! Great job on S&A! And that weight loss!! OMG! You go girl!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!

Scrappytbear said...

You're doing great! Keep fitting that stuff in around YOUR busy lifestyle too!

Lauren said...

Wow, that is one hardcore workout! You're definitely earning every bit of that weight loss. Congratulations!!