Wednesday, May 11, 2011

OK, you are going to think that I am CRazY

OR just deaf... but last night, when I was doing Week 4, Day 1 I did NOT hear the prompt to tell me to walk after the first 5 minute run. For the record, I had my lil girl and my lil boy in there making noise and my hubby working out at the same time, but I really did not hear it! I asked my hubby to check it because I was sure that I was running longer than 5 minutes and it was on the Ihome charging ... he picked it up and brought me the phone and I saw that I had two minutes left on run 3/4 but it should have been on run 2/4!! I ran the 5 minute interval followed by the 2.5 minute walk interval and one minute of the 3 minute run interval!! No wonder I was feeling the strain!!! I quickly took the speed down to 3.6 to allow my HR to come back down and ran the last minute of that run interval and then I was back on track. When I stepped off the treadmill I was WET! The sweat was dripping from the brow, my clothes were drenched and the sweat was just a steady flow. It felt GREAT! I couldn't believe that I was able to run 8.5 minutes and could still talk to my Mr. WOnderful to ask him to check it out. I was only running on 5.4 MPH but I was running!!

My HR average is gonna be high again but the 8.5 minute run had something to do with that...

Calories: 379
Avg HR: 153
Max HR: 178

After the run I worked out my chest for a while and burned a little more calories but stopped at 8pm when TBL came on.

Make it a great day!


Vanessa said...

sometimes we really surprise ourselves with what we can do hey!
alot of times my personal trainer won't tell me how much weight he has given me (he has these wonky weights and I can't tell how much each increment is) and then I am shocked when he tells me what i have lifted when I am done!

have a great day :)

Anne said...

Yay on 8.5 minutes! You are doing so great!

I have a feeling the prednisone doesn't help either when it comes to your high HR. Hope you're feeling well :)

Scrappytbear said...

Well at least now you know, even it it was a little uncomfortable, you are totally capable of that 8.5 minutes :):):) Have faith!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

and yet congrats on doing more than you thought you could!! So glad you are doing the sugar free challenge with us! i know i need the support you all will provide :)