Monday, May 30, 2011

Bridge Time :D

Good morning everybody!

I am sitting here giggling because I think that I must have lost my marbles last week. I did week 6, day 1 of couch to 5K and it did not go that great... had another hard start BUT I think that it was my choice of attire. I was pulling down my shirt and pulling up my shorts... just overall very uncomfortable! It certainly interfered with my run but I got through it with my little teenager right beside me. She actually did very well - I am proud of her.

Then I went to Montreal for work again... that is twice in two weeks! I spent three days each week in meetings and too busy and fatigued to do much. That being said, the minute I got home I opened my Iphone, downloaded my application (B210K) and went out for a run... and I DID IT! The Bridge to 10K program is intended for C25K graduates but I did it anyway :D It is amazing what we can do when we decide to do it.

Then I did the second day of week 1 and managed to run almost a full mile further than the first day! I ran outside for the second run and it seems that I can go faster outside... is that weird? Anyway, whatever the reason I feel that I have really accomplished something! I am certain that on July 3rd I will do alright with the 10K race.

On another note... I downloaded my playlist for running and included the following song... is it perfect or what?!

Mean - Taylor Swift

I felt so inspired and empowered when I was listening to this!

Also, on the diet side of things... I have taken on a new challenge - The 10 day Sugar-free challenge. I have been doing this running thing for six weeks now and I have gained 5 pounds! I have been watching what I eat but it seems that something is not right. SO, I decided to shock my system by completing eliminating sugar in all its forms. WISH ME LUCK! It is only for 10 days...

On the running note, since B210K is a six week program and since my run is coming up in 5 weeks my plan is to run 5 days per week to complete the program in 4 weeks which should give me a week to gain speed. :S I can do it!

Here are the stats:

C25K, W6, D1: (outside)
Calories: 410
Avg HR: 137
Max HR: 175

B210K, W1, D1: (on treadmill)
Calories: 638
Avg HR: 150
Max HR: 179

B210K, W1, D2: (outside, different route)
Calories: 666
Avg HR: 162
Max HR: 175

Make it a GREAT day!


Scrappytbear said...

Yikes! Be careful! Im glad things are going well but PLEASE don't do too much too fast! Doubling up runs and going too far too fast are the best ways to get injured and that wont get you to your race! BTDT! Follow the plan and respect the rest days!

Gaspegirl said...

Thanks for the advice Terri-Lynn... maybe I will do 4 runs per week for 5 weeks and never mind my speed... perhaps that is what I will do.

Vanessa said...

i am not a runner but i agree-rest days are so important!
glad to hear things are going well righ now!

Laura said...

Holy crap girl... you are a MACHINE! Great job! Like the others said... just be careful and rest when you need it. :)