Monday, May 2, 2011

C25K and Week 3 redo

Well, good Monday morning everyone! As I mentioned in a previous post week three of the X was a colossal fail so we decided to take two :) Yesterday we did Chest and Back and I have decided that I really do not like that routine. I used to hate it, during round one but I thought that I grew to appreciate all the push ups and chin ups... but i LIED to myself. I think that the reason I had a hard time getting on with week three is because of this DVD. Anyway, I got through the darn thing but my calorie count was low because I really wanted to be biking instead of doing chest and back. My heart wasn't in it and as such the calorie count was poor:

Calories: 326
AVG HR: 105
MAX HR: 153

Mr. Wonderful always makes himself sick with this video... and we have to take an extra break or two during which time I sit and wonder why I am doing these damn push ups that I struggle so much with.

SO, to get my head right I headed out, without the munchkins and without Mr. WOnderful and I went for my first real bike ride of the season. It was so nice with my IPod in my ears, toque on my head and layers of clothes on... I just kept biking. I ended up biking 18.72 Kilometers in 1 hour and 5 minutes with cold and strong East winds which affected my time. I was in a much better frame of mind when I got back from that run.

Calories: 692
Avg HR: 148
Max HR:167

Additionally, I finished up week 2 of Couch to 5K strong but that doesn't make me any less fearful of today's run... I am scared!!! I am scared of not being able to run for 3 minutes... or am I ready? I am taking Mr. Wonderful's Iphone and I am going to give it a shot. I am going to try and get out of my head and just run. Wish me luck ;)

Here is the breakdown for week 2

Day 1: 434
Day 2: 363
Day 3: 395

So overall it was an ok week. Didn't do what I set out to do but I think my brain needed the rest. I did start the Shakeology Cleanse today -minus Shakeology (using BSN) so I hope to see a move in the right direction on the scale this week. I will keep you posted.

My goals for this week:

Sucessfully complete week three of the X
Run my way through C25K - week 3
Keep my diet clean!!

Make it a great day! OOOhhhhhm and exercise YOUR RIGHT and VOTE today all you Canadians!!


Katrina (Betty Ray) said...

You have a great way of looking at your setbacks and getting them to motivate you. Good for you!

Can't wait to hear about your run.

Katrina (Betty Ray) said...

Oh, and I like the sound of your plan to work up to Asylum. it is a very different kind of work out in my opinion and I take loads of breaks. But it is definitely something to work up to. Can't wait to hear how you do.

Vanessa said...

I like your goals for the week!
Sounds like you had a great ride..I am so happy that the weather is going to improve and we can get outdoors here..I miss that!

Have a great week :)

Laura said...

I hate C&B too... I have no energy getting up in the morning when that is on my schedule. Sometimes you just gotta do what you love instead... seems like you get more out of your biking and C25K training than attempting to do C&B with any kind of zeal. Great job with sticking with it though... and good luck with your cleanse!!!