Monday, May 16, 2011

C25K Week Four Recap

Week four is in the bag! I can run for 5 minutes in a row now... who would have thought I could do that. Now this week I don't get the three minute run because they are all five minute intervals but I am looking forward to pushing myself to get 'er done.

Week 4, Day 1:

Calories: 379
Avg HR: 153
Max HR: 178

Week 4, Day 2:
Calories: 432
Avg HR: 128
Max HR: 174

Week 4, Day 3:
Calories: 412
Avg HR: 156
Max HR: 176

So I ran outside for the last run that is why my average heart rate is up again... there are a lot of hills where I am running. I do love running outdoors though because it is real terrain and if I am going to actually do a 5K run then I have to be able to run on the ground. SO, I am gonna keep pushing through and my heart rate should regulate the better I get.

I also did a 14 km bike ride with Mr. Wonderful on Sunday with the same hills and managed to burn 438 calories with my average heart rate 152 and max at 166. We also did a shoulders and arms workout for 277 calories and I did Cardio Abs for 123 calories. So, this week I stayed under my calorie goal all week and burned over 2000 calories... not at my 3500 calorie goal but I will get there...

Hope that you had a great week of fitness too... make it a great day!


Anne said...

Keep up the great work"out"s :)

Laura said...

Each and every week I am amazed by you girl!!! Keep up the GREAT work!!!

tink said...

nice job, keep up it!