Thursday, April 14, 2011

Super Sonic X-Style SORE

So yesterday morning I woke up so SORE that I just could not push play because I could not even WALK! I called it my day of rest and did my best to walk around. I used the walls to hold me up :P

This morning I got up when the alarm went off... hobbled around and got ready then went downstairs. So this morning was Shoulders, Bi and Tri (or shoulders and arms... not sure of the name). All I can say is that I was so wobbly when I tried to take my drink of water that I nearly spilled it. I am shaky still... in my arms and legs :P

That is all I can type this morning as I have a CRAZY day at work... make it a great one!

Oh yea, my stats:

Calories: 440
AVG HR: 125
Max HR: 163


Vanessa said...

lol..sadly i soooo know that feeling!!! good for you on pushing play this morning though...high 5!

Laura said...

Yay for pushing play girl!!!