Friday, April 29, 2011

A royal upset + a royal wedding + work= no workout

OK, so we had plans to do P90x on Wednesday but got watching game 7 between the Canadians and the Bruins (enter a royal upset) and since it went into overtime and we lost the game we also lost the ambition to work out. It also meant that I stayed up past my bedtime to catch the game and as a result I did not get up at 4:45 to workout on Thursday. Thursdays, for the record, are insane in my life. I arrive home at 5pm with all my little crazies and make supper or get supper going and then I have to leave by 5:45 to go to work. I have rearranged my work schedule so that I may go pick up my oldest crazy after school. Anyway... Thursdays I work until 9pm and then I got home and watched Grey's Anatomy and once again I got sucked into the vortex of the tele and never came out until after 10pm... way past my bedtime BUT I still got up at 4am to watch the Royal wedding. I had to pay homage to my heritage (my grandmother is English) and I love weddings. I am not really upset that somehow my invitation got lost in the mail because I do not think that I had the right hat for the event! All that to say that no P90x workouts done this week... NONE! I mean the week is not over... we still have three days left and on the positive note I have not missed a C25K workout :P We will get some in this week and I will update on Monday but next week we will redo week 3 since it was a ROYAL failure.

Make it a great weekend folks!


Scrappytbear said...

And of course you are just going to keep going right? try not to think about a bad week and move on :):):)

Gaspegirl said...

You GOT IT Terri Lynn... that is the plan - just keep on trucking for this chick ;)

Desperate Housemommy said...

Next week is a new beginning. Back in the saddle you go!