Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Entering week 3... with strength and determination

Good morning everyone! Long time no blog, I know BUT I have an excuse... we were vacationing. I love spending those special weekends with my family in a hotel, with a pool, in a city with lots of shopping... awwww, that is the life! I think that the children are still wrinkled from all the hours we spent in the pool but they were happy and so was I.

I managed to get through the week two of P90x and week 1 of C25K. It was tough and my diet was shit (thanks to the trip and my lack of self control) but we pushed play and did our best. I am sure that it will take me two weeks to lose the grizzle that I must have put on over the weekend but I will keep doing it.

I am going to start by reviewing my week with C25K. I started off well and felt really strong just running 60 seconds at a time. I have to admit that I was really worried when I pressed start on Mr. Wonderful's Iphone for week two because I wondered if I was going to be able to do it. I lowered the pace to 5.5 to make sure that it would be ok and it was - no problem. I am going to up the pace for the next segment (which should be today). I am really loving this because I really, REALLY want to learn to run. I went to the Running Room and bought a new pair of runners. The lady was really helpful and set Mr. WOnderful and I up with some great runners that are good for our gait.


W1, D1: 312 calories
W1, D2: 364 calories
W1, D3: 370 calories
W2, D1: 434 calories (I did a little spinning after the running)

Overall a great week for this program.

On to P90x... not such a great week because of the travel and such but I still managed it and I will bring it harder this week. I should say that I happened upon a blog that spoke of weight lifting among women (can't give credit because I am not sure where I read this) and the author claimed that we *women* should be lifting 8-10 reps at max weight... so I changed my strategy this week to do that. I am going to lift heavier with fewer reps to see how my body likes it. I also took Monday this week as my day of rest because we were travelling and couldn't fit it in. So tonight we are back on to Chest and Back. My HRM has been acting up so my calorie burn this week is not all recorded... but I did my best and will record all calories this week.

So, that is it folks... hope you all had a great weekend. Make it a great day!


Scrappytbear said...

Awesome sounds like you are doing great! I restarted Day 1 of X this morning because Im feeling a little lost and its hard to get moving :( ah well it can only benefit me right?

Katrina (Betty Ray) said...

Sounds like you are doing really great. Glad the vacation snuck in there too. Rest time is good for you too. :)

Can't wait to see how you progress into a runner!

Laura said...

Jealous of your weekend trip! I so need to get away...

Glad you are still pushing play and getting it done! Never heard of C25K? I hate running... LOL... so MAJOR props to you on that one!!! :)

iMfABUL0USx said...

thank you for following my blog!! congratulations on your weight loss success so far! your such a motivation! <3 good luck on your journey!