Friday, April 15, 2011

Downward Dog magazine will NEVER see me on it :P

I keep fighting to get better at my poses and man does it ever hurt to try and twist the way Tony is asking me to when I still hurt so darn bad! I must say that I always feel so good when I am done the Yoga DVD though... my muscles are healing and almost singing today. I should mention that I have really had sore muscles BUT my joints have not been giving me a hard time... so maybe the treatments are working!! I still have my fingers crossed!

The YogaX DVD is too long for my morning workout... I am thinking about trying to find the Fountain of Youth Yoga DVD which, if I am not mistaken, is shorter. I want to include Yoga in my routine because I understand the importance... BUT I can not get up at 4am to get it in. Any other solutions?

My Mr. Wonderful does not see the need for Yoga and hates it so much that he ran a 5K this morning instead. He ran it in 36 minutes... he is my hero! He certainly had a much better calorie burn than I did but I got a better stretch in... we will see who gets better results.

So, I stood on the scale this morning and I gained ... I wonder if it isn't because my muscles are sore and retaining water??? Could that be the case??? Please tell me it is...

Anyway... tomorrow is Legs and Back followed by Kempo and then we are on to week two. I still haven't taken those before pics but I am going to charge my battery this weekend and take them. I will update regularly (at least every 30 days)

Make it a great day and I will update on Monday.


Katrina (Betty Ray) said...

What a funny post title. I'm so torn on the yoga too. I want to love it but the 90 minute length just makes it feel like a chore.

Congrats on pushing through though. I'm sure there are other shorter yoga DVDs out there that you can sub out. Great job so far though!! Wanna send some of that motivation my way please?

And as for the weight gain. Probably DOMS. You said you were very sore so I wouldn't be surprised if your muscles are holding extra water right now to repair themselves.

Laura said...

I agree with Katrina... Your weight gain is definitely from the soreness, unless you're eating a gallon of ice cream at night? LOL.

I love yoga but I also feel Yoga X is way too damn long. I think the FOY one is 45 minutes? I also like Baron Baptiste's power yoga dvds... they are 45 minutes.

Have a great weekend!!! Keep up the great work!!

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

Ive thought about taking up yogo, but Im partial to my stationary bike. I like to do a spin session while watching my favorite tv show.