Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shoulders and Arms

Well good morning... and what a glorious morning it is! The sun is shining but the mercury reminds us that it is still winter (-21 degrees). My heart is feeling like a million bucks but my joints are screaming at me! I am pushing myself beyond my limits to expand them but at the same time my body is MAD. I called my specialist to see if there is something else that he might be able to prescribe for me to help control the pain but I have not heard back yet. In the meantime, I am taking painkillers every four hours and hoping that I will get a reply from my Dr before too long. I am not letting this stall my progress... I just try and put my mind over matter, and so far it has been working.

Last nights workout was shoulders and arms... and I forgot how freaking hard those crouching Cohen curls were!! I was shaking and nearly did not get in the 12th rep in. I was using 15lbs and I can't see myself ready to increase that weight next week neither :P Following the Shoulder workout I stopped the DVD because I did not think that my knees would tolerate the in and outs or bicycle exercises in the Ab Ripper program... so I hoped on my treadmill and did an easy 1.5 mile in 20 minutes. My knees were grinding at first and I thought that was maybe a bad idea too... but then I got in my "good place" with the tunes in my ears and my head clear I was able to get through it and add to my calorie burn. I should mention that I was able to jog (4.5 & 5.0 MPH) for 5 minutes and did not once consider dropping the speed. I was so "in the moment" that I think that I may have been able to do that speed for 10+ minutes but the program I was doing slowed it down and I did not re-adjust it. Overall it was a great night!

Here are the facts:

Shoulders and Arms + Treadmill:

Calories: 652
AvG HR: 127
Max HR: 174

So, the plan today is to try Zumba on our lunch hour. That should be fun... so I hear! Then tonight is my most dreaded night of all... Yoga! I suck at yoga but I am committing 100% to this round, so I am going to conquer that damn thing!!

Make it a great day folks!


Betty Ray said...

Great work!! I hope your Dr. has a remedy for you. I'm sure it's for different reasons, but this round of plyo this week left me incredibly sore to the point it's hard to even move my bottom half (and this is 3 days after the fact).

I'm sure you will rock yoga. Keep up the great work and please make sure with your Dr. that everything is ok for you to continue pushing so hard.

Best wishes!!

TornadoTwos said...

Nice work! My husband is 1 month into P90X right now, night before last I did chest, shoulders, tri with him and boy are my muscles screaming at me today, lol. I couldn't even lift my 2 year old today, that's how much my chest muscles hurt- all those pushups were a killer!

Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday!

Laura said...

Yay girl! You are rocking this round!

Like Betty said... just make sure your doc is OK with you pushing so hard. Hopefully he can give you something different to help with the pain.

Good luck with yoga tonight!!! Let us know how Zumba goes!!!

Scrappytbear said...

hmm we should have adjusted so that at least we were doing the same day! I hope you are able to work through the discomfort to get where you want to be! Yay on the running! Yoga is awesome! (and long, repetative, yawn) but awesome hahahaah

Kim said...

Really, I am so impressed that you can push through the pain and continue to exercise. I have no excuse, yet I whine and cry like a baby . . . thank you for the attitude check!